Social Branding Training

Social Branding Training

How To Make Money And Drive Business With A Social Brand

Social branding’ can sound like a buzzword. For centuries, people did business and closed deals face-to-face. It was in conference rooms, at hotel bars, or at trade shows. What, all of a sudden, is a ‘social brand?’

It’s actually massively important. Social is about relationship-building, which is the same concept that any aspect of business is based on. But when someone hears your name or hears about your product/service, what do you think the first thing they do is? They probably Google you. (We’ve all done this to other people.) When they Google you, what do they find? Your company website, probably. But they also find your LinkedIn profile and other articles/connections you’ve been shared with.

This is social branding. It’s the how and the where of modern business. It’s people learning about you and wanting to work with you. It applies whether you’re a CEO of a $100M company, a freelancer, a SMB entrepreneur, or a Lyft driver. It doesn’t matter. Your social brand is you.

Social Branding Training

Jasmine Sandler teaches a group of CEOs how to build their CEO Social Brands

This Social Media Training  is about mastering that social brand. You will learn:

  • How do you create your brand?
  • What voice should you be using?
  • How concerned should you be about professionalism vs. being more yourself?
  • How do you build out your brand?
  • What channels should you be on?
  • How do you define your value to others?
  • How do you grow your brand?
  • How important are followers?
  • How important is having an e-mail list?
  • How do you drive money and results from social branding?
  • How do you protect your brand online?

Jasmine Sandler offers Social Branding Training as both an online and live program.  She is a master Social Media Trainer globally and a keynote speaker on the subject of Social Branding.

You can register for the online training by using the training calendar booking below or if you want to arrange a live training or have questions, use the contact button.

  • Testimonials

    “Jasmine is dynamo who’s always quick on her feet and willing to roll up her sleeves to get the job done and do what’s best for the client.”
    Ed Catto
    Building the Bonfire for brands and servicesBonfire Agency
    Social Branding Training

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