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Jasmine Sandler Is A Top Ranked Digital Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker & Consultant To Executive & Corporate Audiences On B2B Social Media, LinkedIn Marketing And Marketing In The Digital Age.

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Welcome to the Jasmine Sandler Digital Marketing Website

Here you will find all the resources you need to do B2B Digital Marketing & Sales better
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Digital Marketing Speaker Intro Video

Jasmine Sandler has helped hundreds of B2B professional services companies use the web to drive brand awareness and lead generation since 2006.
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Create a Winning Digital Strategy

Jasmine Sandler has been named a Top Digital Marketing Strategist by OMI.
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How to Get Executive Social Buy in

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Learn How to Blog for SEO

Jasmine Sandler has been an SEO expert since 2005.
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Win BIG in B2B Social Media

Jasmine Sandler has trained 1,000’s of B2b Marketers.
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Win Sales on LinkedIn

Jasmine Sandler is a LinkedIn Marketing Expert, Author, Trainer and Speaker. Watch her Live.
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Lead LinkedIn Marketing Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer

B2B Social Media Marketing Trainer

What is your Social Media Marketing education level? B2B organizations must understand and implement best social media marketing practices across the organization in order to develop, grow and protect their online brands. As a keynote social media speaker, Jasmine Sandler offers training on how to use social media marketing for business development, brand protection, and market share growth.



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SEO Training and Consulting

As a digital marketing expert, Jasmine Sandler offers corporate training to help your employees put your website on top of major search engines like Google. Miss Jasmine Sandler delivers comprehensive SEO workshops to corporate marketing teams as well as SEO Audits and ongoing consultation. Jasmine is a top digital marketing consultant strategist and has helped over 50 businesses improve their rankings through SEO campaigns.



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B2B Sales & Marketing Trainer

Learn how to marry effective Digital Marketing Strategy efforts with B2B sales. Miss Sandler leverages her expertise in Digital Marketing and B2B Sales to deliver specialized corporate training for B2B Marketers & Sales teams. Your team will learn how to use the web to drive qualified leads and how to convert those leads into sales with the highly recommended digital marketing consultant in NYC and LA. She is a Google awarded expert in Social Selling.

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  • Testimonials

    “Jasmine has an incredible wealth of knowledge around social media, social media marketing and marketing strategy. She is passionate about her subject and is skilled at knowing how to communicate her passion and knowledge.” August 25, 2012
    Robyn HatcherPrincipal, SpeakEtc. Presentation Skills for ProfessionalsSpeak Etc

4 Major Benefits To Hiring Jasmine Sandler – Google Awarded Digital Marketing Consultant



Top Ranked Digital Marketing Strategist & Global Keynote Speaker on Social Media in NY & LA

For over 20 years, Jasmine Sandler has been a trusted digital marketing consultant for Los Angeles and New York businesses. Using her innovative and effective strategies Jasmine is the online digital marketing expert who will take your company to the next level. As a trusted SEO expert and Social Media Strategist, Jasmine has educated global audiences with over 300+ keynote presentations on Digital Marketing best practices.


Have a Proven Online Branding Expert Create Your Visible Presence

As an industry and media regarded Online Branding expert, Jasmine has supported the needs of global companies in the build and growth of their online presence and market share. She, with her proven track record as CEO advisor, supports both company online branding and the personal branding of senior level executives and entrepreneurs at growth-based firms.


Stop Guessing at B2B Social Media Marketing

Jasmine Sandler is a known social media expert; having developed and sold her own social network as early as 2001 has given her skills that are incomparable to others in the Internet Marketing industry. Her background as a B2B Sales Director pre her Internet days has made Jasmine an expert in delivering qualified B2B leads through best practices B2B Social Media Marketing. She is an authority on these subjects, having written and published both  “Branding & Sales: The LinkedIn Way,” and “How to Brand Yourself Online Like A CEO” as DIY books for entrepreneurs and executives to build and grow their online brands in social media to drive influence. Jasmine is a top B2B Social Media Marketing expert for companies in the NYC and Los Angeles areas.


Achieve Online Visibility the Right Way

Jasmine has been a practitioner of standard SEO strategy and tactics since 2004 for major corporations including Citibank, ISO, and many others. She has followed and written on the subject of proper SEO strategies for the leading Internet Marketing publications such as ClickZ.com, Searchenginewatch.com, and Searchenginejournal.com for many years.

Jasmine, as a digital marketing consultant, knows how to utilize SEO to drive real, authentic site traffic and visitors for both companies as well as individual Personal Brands. As a Keynote Speaker on Search Engine Optimization for business, she provides a detailed and actionable path for audiences to take on their journey to online visibility.

She has been awarded for her work as an advanced SEO Strategist, SEO speaker and SEO consultant by Google, The Online Marketing Institute, Content Awards, and many others.  Jasmine is a premier SEO Expert for companies in New York and Los Angeles.

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Why Hire Jasmine?

Miss Sandler has been actively involved in Internet Marketing since 1995. She saw the potential for social media marketing and developed a social network in the early 2000’s just as social networks began to emerge. Miss Sandler has delivered her Digital Marketing Strategy expertise for multiple online only businesses. She is regarded as a premier Digital Marketing Consultant by the Internet Marketing Industry Authority. Learn more about how Jasmine can deliver a strategic digital marketing plan for you to win in internet marketing. Learn More
As a pioneer in Social Media Networking, Miss Sandler has witnessed, assisted, managed, directed and led social media programs for businesses in virtually every industry. Miss Sandler has delivered complex and strategic B2B Social Media Marketing documents across multi-divisional large corporate enterprises and has trained executives on how to master social media. She is a monthly contributor to ClickZ.com and Searchenginewatch.com on related social media marketing subjects, including LinkedIn Marketing, B2B Social Media Strategy and Digital Marketing Fundamentals. If you are looking for a B2B Social Media Expert, read on. Learn More
Miss Sandler has been professionally trained in SEO practices since 2005 and has managed and led SEO projects for some of the world’s largest brands. Her resume in SEO work includes: SEO Workshop Creation and Delivery, SEO Audit work for e-commerce clients and B2B companies, SEO Strategy and Planning, SEO Program Management and Daily SEO Consulting on large-scale projects. Learn more about Miss Sandler’s Expert SEO Consulting Services. Learn More
Jasmine Sandler has a 20 year career in B2B Sales. Her digital marketing expertise along with her unique ability to train executives and their sales teams to turn online marketing into sales conversions is what sets her apart from other sales trainers. Miss Sandler has been professionally trained and certified in Solution Sales; she has trained and developed salespeople around the globe and has been awarded by multiple partner agencies for her sales results. Miss Sandler operates with the understanding that the function of online marketing for B2B organizations is to ultimately drive qualified new business. Learn how Miss Sandler can help your B2B organization drive more sales. Learn More

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Jasmine Sandler, with over 300+ Keynote presentations and workshops delivered on Social Media to executive audiences, speaks on Digital Marketing Strategies, SEO, Social Media Marketing Strategy & LinkedIn Marketing. She is a global keynote speaker.

Build Your Online Presence

Jasmine Sandler has developed, delivered and guided implementation of proper Digital Marketing Strategy to over 100 company clients.
Learn how a Top Ranked Digital Marketing Strategist can help your organization build its online presence quickly and efficiently.

Social Media Workshops And SEO Training

Jasmine Sandler is a global thought-leader and trainer on all subjects B2B Digital Marketing. See  a sample of her social media workshops, LinkedIn programs and SEO training programs now.

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