Jasmine Sandler, Online Branding Expert – New Blog – What To Expect

Welcome to my new personally branded blog. Here I will share my real-world experience in leading online branding projects for both companies and individuals. I will post the latest opportunities for you to take advantage of web casts, webinars, live workshops and speeches that I lead or participate in on the subjects of online marketing strategy, online PR and Online branding. I will offer my readers offers for access to free online tools, whitepapers and more. This blog will also serve as a place for me to post my own opinions on things that matter to me (and should to you) like the global environment (let’s stand together to stop killing the rainforest, poisoining our land, oceans and air), the health care industry mess(from bad practices at U.S. Pharma companies, to greedy insurance companies to poor medical treatment to the poor and unfortunate to the non-regulatory homeopathic health service world) and locally, helping to balance life in NYC, improve public transportation without gouging the commuters and much more. So stay tuned, get involved, don’t litter (my personal pet peeve in life) and be nice to each other. I look forward to seeing you all soon at my Personal Branding workshop at the DMA offices on 9/20 at 6:30 p.m. For more info and how to RSVP, visit my company blog at http://agentcy.wordpress.com/