Jasmine Sandler Appears in PR News’ Digital PR Guidebook Vol 3

Agent-cy’s own Jasmine Sandler was recently asked to contribute to the anticipated PR News’ Digital PR Guidebook, Volume 3. The guide book is currently available at PR News for $399 per copy.

Jasmine is the owner and executive director of Agent-cy of New York and Los Angeles, and a field expert on writing for the web to optimize SEO/SEM. Having helped many clients in various industries over her many years of experience, Jasmine encourages small to large business owners to learn how to take charge of their copy in a way that encourages consumer action as well as optimizes websites and text for success on the web.

Nowadays, excellent copy is a requirement for any company to survive on the web. Many companies attempt to beef up their web presence without a solid understanding of keyword density for SEO optimization, or how to engage their customers in the buying process. Many business owners feel that no one understands their customers like they or their internal staff do. The Digital Guidebook is a great investment for businesses who understand that while they know their customers, great web copy is written by someone who understands SEO, and how the buying process works in a variety of industries.

Jasmine was chosen to contribute her section because she is an expert in the field of SEO/SEM, and in writing copy for the web. Agent-cy’s national strategic partnerships are growing rapidly, and Jasmine lectures and teaches at workshops between New York and Los Angeles. Jasmine has also successfully grown her own business and those of many clients over the years.

Jasmine Sandler and the Agent-cy family are currently looking for consulting relationships with businesses in New York City and Los Angeles. Consultation fees are reasonable for the amount of expert help received. Jasmine quite literally “wrote the book” on writing for the web and SMO/SEO optimized copy, and has created conversion systems that will bring in fresh leads, clients, and high ROI for any business engaging in consulting services.

To find out more about Jasmine’s services, please visit agent-cy.com for a personalized quote. To purchase or find out more information about The Digital PR Guidebook, please visit http://www.prnewsonline.com/store/48.html . The Guidebook is available for purchase online, and Jasmine is available to set up consultations immediately. Jasmine Sandler and Agent-cy would love to hear about your business, and explore options that will bring more customers into your doors and benefit your business over the long-term.