Is Your Potential Social Media Expert Full of It?

So many people are out there looking for social media experts. If you go to a site like Elance, you’ll see hundreds of company profiles around the globe. Social media services are in demand, and there are just as many “gurus” offering social media services as there are companies who need it.

So, how do you know which companies are providing legitimate services? With so many out there, making a judgment can be difficult. You need to make sure you have an understanding of the best way to find a social media expert.

Are they selling friends?

Some companies think the best idea for increasing social media presence is to “buy” friends. A service provider may tell you that he or she can provide hundreds of friends, which will make your company look more legitimate, and your products desirable.

Though this may seem like an attractive idea at first, it’s not really a good idea. First of all, many social media companies create profiles that are obviously fake. Hundreds of personalities that like your product and don’t look legitimate aren’t going to do anything for your company’s credibility.

You also have to make sure that the profiles liking your product meet your target demographic. For instance, if your product is high-dollar skin care, 200 male friends from a country where folks are known to be financially strapped may not be a good idea.

Also, keep in mind that honest friends – the ones earned because they have an interest in the product and may buy from you – is the best way to make a high quality profile.


Do they value quantity over quality?

Another red flag is a company that offers to start profiles for you in the dozens from week one.  It makes sense to start a few very targeted profiles with the right networks, and keep a close eye on these before moving on to starting targeted campaigns with new profiles.

Many companies will start dozens of profiles from week one, and dump all your information into these profiles right away before getting any initial metrics that could give some direction. You’ll also find that all these profiles are overwhelming to manage all at once unless there’s a work flow system in place.

Clearly, companies who start dozens of profiles with no way to manage them just to make it look like they’re working are going to do an amateurish job, and this isn’t a good place to spend your money or time.

Do they set goals?

If you don’t have social media goals from the outset – as in, how will social media translate to value for your company – than your SMO specialist isn’t going to do a good job.

Many times, social media profiles are meant to get people into your sales funnel or evangelize your brand rather than directly sell your products. If this is the case, your expert needs to make sure to tell you that.

Finding a social media expert might be easy, but finding the right expert is a little more difficult. Make sure that you get the kind of work your brand needs. You don’t want to spend money on a weak social media campaign.