Linkedin Tip of the Day (from my upcoming Linkedin Book)

linkedin-tip-of-the-dayTo activate your Linkedin Network so that they become valuable business development connections, do this simple Linkedin Tip of the Day….

Get to know each and every 1st Network individual. This only takes a 10-15 minute intro phone call.Send each person a message that explains to them that you would like to take this Linkedin relationship to the next level. You are interested in helping them, whether that is to refer direct business to them or send them frequent information that will help them do business better. To do so, you request a short intro call and ask politely if they are interested in arranging such a call.

A few minutes is all it takes for you to be on your way to doing real business networking via Linkedin to develop and grow your personal brand and your business.

Look for my next Linkedin Tip of the Day….tomorrow!

To Your Linkedin Success…..