Saavy Social Media Marketing – Tip #72

Making the most of your social properties

More and more businesses are signing on to social these days and although they are engaging on page and within the social sites, many are missing other opportunities to market their social presence. Here are some quick tips to help you make your SM properties visible to a larger audience.

Make Every Email Count!
Be sure to include links to your social properties within your email signature. We send out dozens of emails a week (if not a day) and each one can be an opportunity to obtain an new fan or follower.

Don’t Miss the Obvious
I can’t tell you how many websites I see that are either completely missing Social Media links or have made them so hard to find, I give up looking. If you are going to be active on social, make sure you have links to your social properties on your site and be sure they are “above the fold” in the top portion of the site.

A Little Extra Ink

If you are already producing marketing material and business cards, why not add your social properties? You can add the URL to your pages or make use of QR codes for smartphone users. You are already doing the printing, might as well make good use of the real estate!

Do you have your own trick for promoting your social media properties? Share it with us in the comments below..and be sure to add your SM property link!