Using LinkedIn To Win Class Results

Well I was competing with Monday night football AND to top it off, the Green Bay Packers, so even with all the buzz in the world, I knew an 8pm class downtown on a cold night would be a stretch. To my surprise, my Linkedin to Win class was fairly well attended; more importantly, those that did attend were absolutely serious about learning all that they could about the tool. I dare say it was probably one of the most enjoyable Linkedin marketing classes that I have led to date. The audience ranged from sales managers to business owners, marketing directors, start-up owners to business students. In all, I had the pleasure of connecting with each and every one and re-confirmed that Linkedin, as I always preach, is the ultimate social networking and I emphasize networking tool out there – period. Some of the comments I received that I will share:

“I would like to start by saying thank you for the insightful “Linkedin to Win” class and it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday.”

“Jasmine, thanks for a thought provoking Linkedin session last night, I’m glad I made it!”

“hi jasmine: tonite was extremely helpful!”

See my wonderful audience below and look out for a copy of the full presentation on my LinkedIN profile shortly(


Using LinkedIn to Win Marketing Class NYC Jasmine Sandler

Jasmine Sandler leads Using LinkedIn to Win Marketing Class to Business Professionals in NYC