Web Marketing Essentials for 2013+ Slides and Audio

Full 2013 Web Marketing Plan ppt for 2013 by Jasmine Sandler.

Web Marketing Plan 2013: Essentials

The web, its content, seo and devices are changing rapidly. Here is the full audio recording of Jasmine Sandler’s workshop.

For those of you that did attend (a big thank you) and those of you that missed (perhaps you will make my next workshop) last week’s Web Marketing Essentials for 2013 and beyond Workshop at Emerge212, I just received and listened to the full audio recording(credits to Multivision).

And so, if you dare(keeping with the Halloween spirit) to listen to my 30 minutes of deep information on web marketing, tecnhology, seo, social media, online pr, content planning and so much more, here is your access (requires a free dropbox account) http://goo.gl/E338w

Also, the presentation is now live on the JasmineSandler.com site on our https://jasminesandler.com/media/ page. Learn, take action, comment , share and enjoy!