Effective Social Media Marketing

Today I had the pleasure of giving back to the entrepreneurial community of NYC and The Levin Institute’s FastTrac program. This presentation , Effective Social Media Marketing – Jasmine Sandler, was created specifically in demand to start-up owners’ interests in understanding how to best plan for and use social media to drive interest around their products and services. In attendance were over 50 business owners of NYC start-ups and small businesses, with at least 2 years experience in operating their own businesses. As I delivered key points in the presentation, I noticed most questions and comments came around certain Social Media subjects, particularly : Facebook usage, Online video creation, Linkedin marketing, Pinterest know-how and loads around Twitter as a media vehicle. Further, attendees seemed to have a strong interest in understanding the real opportunities for advertising on sites like Facebook, Twiter and Social.

Following the presentation, I had the pleasure of speaking one on one with these passionate NYC entrepreneurs about their respective businesses.I gained some immediate feedback about how the key points I delivered around Social Media Strategy made sense to ensuring online branding strength and positive social noise.

For those of you who are viewing this Effective Social Media Marketing Presentation for the first time, I would like to highlight some of the key points(video clips of today’s event are coming later as well and you should check back on jasminesandler.com later next week for these):

  • Social Media Marketing efforts drive the best results when accompanied by a well thought-out plan. Having a sound, professional Social Media Strategy that delivers ongoing value to your target audience is crucial to your success in Social Media.
  • Managing Social Media requires a plan, commitment and resources in time, money and creative development of content
  • LinkedIn is the #1 B2B Social Media Networking Tool and having a personalized, fresh, committed approach will help you to create real business relationships from effective use of this tool
  • Iphones, Droids, IPads and other smartphones and tablets are leading the way for social media content consumption. You need to make sure your content can live here AND engage the user quickly and effectively to drive action
  • Facebook at over 1 Billion active users provides serious promotional opportunities for brands. However, brands must use caution in who they let manage their Facebook prescence and how customer service is delivered there. A great B2C example of great Facebook work is Adidas Original
  • Twitter is Social’s main search engine and journalists tool for finding stories. Proper use of this tool by experienced Twitter marketers can help start-ups get noticed on the web(an Agent-cy favorite)
  • Pinterest is exploding. Images rule in social(and video). Learn to use Pinterest to engage and sell
  • Youtube is the king. Online video, when done right with a strategy in mind can be your best weapon for audience development on the web.
  • Google+ is making Search results personalized. Get Google+ now and start to build your circles with influencers and leads

As Franne McNeal, Fasttrac adminstrator , known  business leader and coach, and I agreed, I could easily have done a deep dive into any one of these subjects as I normally do. For a list of my upcoming public workshops on web marketing educational workshops, including Social Media Strategy, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, SEO, Paid Search Optimization, Content Strategy, Blogging Strategy and Mobile Marketing, please visit my events page which is constantly being updated at https://jasminesandler.com/events/

Effective Social Media Marketing – Jasmine Sandler

Delevloped and delivered by Jasmine Sandler of  Agent-cy Online Marketing