Rules of Business Engagement by guest Robyn Hatcher

My friend and colleague, Robyn Hatcher, a professional public speaking coach, recently shared her rules of engagement  and I had to share…Read below.  For more information on Robyn visit Enjoy!
Networking: Rules of Engagement

With fall comes many more opportunities to network! 
What picture just came into your mind when you read that?  Did you picture walking around a room with a handful of business cards and stopping every 4 or 5 minutes to give your elevator pitch to a perfect stranger?
I’m in the service business. I work with individuals and corporation to elevate the way they conduct face-to-face communication. 99.9% of all of my business comes from networking. But the type of networking that leads to business for me is this: walking into a room, feeling confident and happy to be there; approaching and/or being approached by an individual and engaging that individual in a conversation. Of course I will talk about my business at some point but I will concentrate on being engaging, interesting and interested in my listener first. If there is an opportunity for them to land me business it will reveal itself (or not) Sometimes that doesn’t happen till months, years later. I recently landed business based on a recommendation from someone who I don’t even remember having met!
Thank you Robyn. As I always say, business is all about relationships!