What is Online Branding All About Anyway? Online Branding Tips

I get asked quite often this same question….”What is Online Branding All About?” Online Branding Tips

Personal Branding and LinkedIn

What is Online Branding Anyway?

Online Branding for you as a your own online personality is all about how you represent your core strengths and how others see you as a Brand. Your Personal Brand on the web needs to support those off-line conversations and meetings you have in networking groups and in client meetings. The act of branding yourself online and using tools such as LinkedIn to do so is about creating a brand with a target audience in mind and then delivering on your personal promise to that audience. Let me take a recent client example of personal online branding through LinkedIn.

I have a client that has over 20 years experience in hotel and restaurant management and an additional skill as an executive chef. He has recently started a service to provide customer experience/guest services experience program to high end hotels. His business is new. He only has relationships with the hotels and restaurants he has worked for, so how does he engage his target audience around his new business? As a collaborative process(personal online branding through LinkedIn), I sat with him to uncover his personality and how he works with clients, his strengths, his particular skills and a commitment to a brand promise. We also reviewed and confirmed the areas in which he would target and the exact profile of his intended client. Only then, were we able to think about his personal brand.

Our next step was to define his image and his commitment to content types. As a personal brand, your duty is to deliver value to your target audience. This can be in the form of events, online video, articles, whitepapers, webcasts and so on, but must be informative information that directly helps your target do business better.

Once we defined his style so to speak, only then were we able to draft his content and LinkedIn marketing plan (he is using Linkedin as his cornerstone for online branding). He is now in the throws of making this work with a guided personal branding plan. He is already starting to see results in just one month, instead of spending years, as some people do, trying to figure out what works. I thank him for allowing me to assist him in his personal brand journey.

So when you think about your own online brand, stop and ask yourself these questions:

Who is exactly is my target audience?

What is my personal brand style?

What can I commit to in terms of valuable content delivery?

Is my LinkedIn profile and presence working for me?

Once you answer these and start to take action, you will well be on your way to growing business around your own online brand.