LinkedIn Sales Tips

LinkedIn Sales Tips

Are you maximizing your LinkedIn investment? Perhaps you are spending $40-$100/month for a Premium account. Maybe you are spending at least an hour a day massaging your LinkedIn profile, participating in Groups, answering questions in categories which you have deep experience. Maybe you are only doing a part of these things or maybe you are doing more. Whatever your investment in LinkedIn marketing, you certainly should be able to measure the effectiveness of your spend in time and money.

In my upcoming LinkedIn Book (name to be announced at SES Chicago 2012), I spend quite a bit of time covering all the ways you can maximize your LinkedIn investment. Here are 3 LinkedIn sales tips that you will find in my book that you can use today:

  • Use the Lead Builder Tool the next time you are planning a business trip to maximize your visit. Use it well in advance to make appointments with people whom you would love to do business . Even with the Sales Basic Premium account (19.95/month) you can take advantage of this and choose from premium filters to find your target by location, function, industry, title and seniority. Once you create your list, review the profiles by commonalities, such as common groups or common clients. From there, you will want to make sure you have something to offer that matches the connect responsibilities or industry. If a common Group, you can send a direct message. If a common client, you can ask for a warm introduction. In either case, you will want to do your homework and follow-up by phone and e-mail.
  • Use Profile Organizer as your CRM LinkedIn tool. With this feature, available in all Sales premium upgrades, you can add notes to saved profiles and save profiles into targeted categories. As any sales professional would agree, the difference between a sale and a non-sale many times is organized follow-up. Be the sales pro who stays in communication with his/her prospect in ways that add value to your pitch.
  • Find someone on LinkedIn you would love to have as a client, but find no commonalities and your Inmails are used up or the Inmail is getting no response ? There is hope. In the same way that you can suggest a profile update to someone you care about in your 1st network, you can Ask for More Information to someone in your 2nd or 3rd networks. In this way, and if you do provide value, you can share your contact details with someone who would otherwise not know you.

I would love to know how these tips have helped you or someone in your business circles sell better on LinkedIn. Please comment and let me know. You never know, you could end up in my book as a referenced LinkedIn sales pro!

Here’s to better selling through LinkedIn.