How LinkedIn Relationships Can Support Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Relief LinkedIn style

LinkedIn builds supportive personal relationships

As I sit here in flickering lights in my 2nd floor apartment in New York City, I can’t help but think about how the relationships I have created from my efforts in LinkedIn networking for the last 9 years support Hurricane relief. In my networking on LinkedIn, I have come across great people in the business of Fire Safety, General Construction, Architecture, the Health and Wellness industries. In getting to know them professionally and personally, I know for sure that the knowledge and actions of these people have aided in Hurricane relief. I already received loads of LinkedIn messages from my connects checking in on me to make sure I am safe.

These people, that people that care and make a difference are the people in my LinkedIn network that may like something I put out in the network or engage in one of my Groups – in other words, they have been there all along showing their support and I have done the same for them. In the end, LinkedIn, yes is ,as a I always say and you will see in my upcoming LinkedIn Marketing book, is the ultimate B2B marketing tool; but today I see and am happy to report, a tool for bringing good people together. Thank you, LinkedIn. And everyone, be safe.