Vfitness Boxing SEO case study


Vfitness ranks in all top positions for boxing bootcamp class nyc – it’s leading service

This week after working with VFitness to accomodate their new website we were able to achieve top ranking in Google for multiple positions for its lead service, “Boxing Bootcamp Class” in NYC. The reason we were able to do this and keep them there is that we (my agency, Agent-cy) started with a business analysis before just jumping into SEO. A business analysis of the firm, its marketing history and in talking with a random sample of their clients told us that out of their multiple boxing and personal training services, the highest demand and opportunities (for profitability) were in their bootcamp boxing class in midtown manhattan.

Besides handling on-site  optimization for Vfitness around this keyword and 6 others that are directly related to service profitability, we came up with a content plan to support long term visibility sustainability. We are in the process of working with the client now under a tight editorial calendar to develop and distribute off-site live images, online video and customer testimonials via Social Media (Youtube, Twitter, Google + primarily) and via various well-respected online partnerships.

For more information on this program, please visit http://www.agent-cy.com/vfitness/

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