The Power of LinkedIn Marketing Presentation & Q&A from SES Chicago

It’s been all about LinkedIn in the last few months for me and boy has it paid off. I can tell you personally that LinkedIn IS the ultimate Marketing, Branding and Sales tool for any B2B professional.

I had the pleasure of delivering “Maximizing your LinkedIn Presence to drive Qualified Leads” at SES Chicago last week.  I wanted to provide a personal recap of what I felt really seemed to hit home with the audience and what questions they had after all was said and done. In my presentation as I tell my LinkedIn trainees all the time, I covered the essential aspects of how LinkedIn can be any business professionals best marketing sales tool. Those being a tool for:

  • Personal Branding
  • Corporate Branding
  • B2B Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Targeted Advertising
  • B2B Promotions
  • Customer Engagement
  • B2B Sales
  • B2B Networking

In personal branding, I emphasized the importance of uncovering your own personal market position, creating your own style and related content and then owning that brand by committing to content development and delivery.

The company brand is becoming more important on LinkedIn as companies are being reviewed there for service/product/employee information. The company profile expansion of features and accurate use of them is key to making the company brand work on LinkedIn.

Real-time market research opportunities via Polls, Answers and Group participation are available to help shape and deliver in-demand B2B products and services.

As I just relayed to an attendee today post conference and Grubhub marketing pro, targeted advertising on LinkedIn can be your best friend from a qualified lead, cost-effective standpoint. I also shared with him the importance of providing relevant, in demand online promotions to targeted customers that can result in LinkedIn direct leads.

LinkedIn is a B2B networking and engagement tool. It should be used as that. As I shared at SES, you should constantly add value to your network via status updates, messaging, answers, group participation, events and more with valuable content and introductions.

All of the above, as I discussed will lead the sales if you do it right.

Now for LinkedIn Marketing Presentation Q&A from SES Chicago. Thank you first to all of the attendees who followed up with in person, e-mail and phone questions to me. Here is a sample and answers:

Q: Should I advertise on LinkedIn?

A: Linkedin has an excellent ad tool for targeted promotions. A services based company can advertise to a targeted list by title, location, group and interest. On a CPC basis, you only pay for clicks. The costs are low and potential returns high. Think of targeted advertising to gain real-time market research, offer deals on services, engage with your target by offering content freebies. Yes, try it.

Q: How can I manage a LinkedIn Group?

A: The most successful LinkedIn Groups are managed by people with group management skills. Managing a group is not easy. It requires time and attention. If you own a group, you want to make sure it is managed by someone who has entrepreneurial and management experience. Further, a local group allows you the ability to actually meet and engage with your group members.

Q: What are the rules of etiquette for networking on LinkedIn?

Remember that your job on LinkedIn and any B2B Social Media tool is to add value to your network. Further, it means that you need to be authentic and true to your personal brand. Finally, that you should expect that relationship development only happens over time and when you truly create and deliver upon a strong brand position. My top two rules include:

When sending an Inmail, Message or Request to Connect to someone you do not know, follow their rules of engagement which are visible in how to contact. If they have not set those up, simply be honest in why you want to engage with them, be polite and respectful of their time and be to the point.

When engaging in Groups, always read the rules first. To engage means to participate, add value, really connect with other members – just promoting you or spewing news out in Groups does not mean connecting

Besides the SES Chicago LinkedIn Marketing presentation, I also recently completed a LinkedIn Branding & Sales How to book now available for you to read on Amazon :  “Branding & Sales:::: The LinkedIn Way.”

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