Building The B2B Social Media Marketing Machine – Recap

Jasmine Sandler
First, I would like to thank the full room of attendees in my morning track, Building The Social Media Marketing Machine at SESNY. I was lucky to have a great moderator, Lee Odden of  TopRank and a brand partner, Adriel Sanchez of SAP on my panel.

As I went through a deep dive on B2B social strategy  do’s, don’ts and must have’s, I found that the audience seemed to have real interest and further questions on the following points:

  1. Content – How do we keep this in our voice if we partner with an agency?
  2. What is the best SMM channel for B2B?
  3. How do I find my audience in B2B?
  4. How can approach Social in a B2C way even though I am B2B?
  5. How do I track B2B Social in a meaningful way?
  6. How do I optimize social content for seo?
Let me take this one by one…

Content. Content requires a plan that supports the brand promise. Content requires great content writers and producers of image-driven content. Content needs to elicit and engage. Content needs to be created with the brand and message in mind.

Partnering with agency to develop and deliver content means that the agency needs to understand the brand fully. Subject matter experts may be retained by the agency as a solution, but managed effectively so that anyone touching content is on the brand messaging team. Decide in your voice in match with your brand position and make sure that all parties touching social are delivering on point.

There are multiple SMM channels that support effective B2B SMM. LinkedIn is an obvious channel and one I favor as a LinkedIn trainer and author, but all channels support each other in the Social Ecosystem, as I covered today. This is why it is so important that you plan upfront for content and measurement per channel and set up monitoring to assess channel mix/results and sentiment and engagement across channels.

Finding your audience online as I have been saying since 1995(lord) is all about knowing your audience behaviors in general first. SMM channel metrics give us excellent data on where our respective audiences live online. Search metrics do so as well. Testing targeted campaigns in tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter enable us to assess real audience engagement. Only by company engagement in the channels and a sense of driving thought leadership on sites like quora and slideshare can you see if your circles are truly there. This also holds true of course for Youtube and Google+ (ever try Hangout?)

SMM can be very useful for manufacturers who want to push out data sheets, engage audiences around their next exhibit and find out what product enhancements their target may been interested in. You can do qr code offers at conferences which lead back to social engagement and vice-versa. SMM is an excellent tool for creating community beyond the walls of a product expo.

Tracking SMM efforts is as crucial as doing them. To monitor and gain insights from your SMM activities, you need to first set up business goals, overall social goals and social goals by channel. Engagement? Content sharing? R/T, Follows?, Inmails?, Video embeds? There are many ways to measure engagement across social Media, First make sure you have your goals established with executive buy-in. Make sure you are using an SMM tool that can help in these efforts. My panel partner at SAP today announced an SMM monitoring product they offer for large organizations. For smaller you may look to Viralheat or Hootsuite.

To optimize social content to support seo ranking, you must first have a solid seo strategy and keyword plan. Once you have this, social tools like blogging, microblogging, bookmarking and social networking are set up to aid in this optimization. Tagging of posts and other content, categorization of posts, effective titling, alt-tag usage and solid descriptions of content can all assist in seo of social content.

If you want to know more about Building the Social Media Machine for your B2B organization or have further questions, feel free to reach out and engage with me directly at or find me Tweeting at Jasmine_Sandler.