How to Use Social Media for Business Development

How to Use Social Media for Business Development

If you are in sales and are not using social media correctly to develop qualified business relationships, you are missing the boat. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ were developed to encourage user to user interaction. Sales in business is being social, these platforms are essential tools to a sales professional.

businessmeetingSo how can you use social media for business development? Simple. You need to first understand who you are targeting and where they spend their time on social sites. I have been talking about this since I envisioned Agent-cy over 8 years ago. Start a target analysis of your own.

Here are some examples of what your list should include to help you in your business development:

• List key aspects of your target audience in terms of demographics, psyhographics, lifestyle and online habits.

• Utilize research out there from groups like Emarketer, Gartner, Forrester and others for demographic statistics and online behaviors.

Once you have your list compiled you should have a great idea where to begin your interactions on social media. Keep in mind, the key in social engagement as online marketers is knowing how to listen. So, listen to your target audience once you find them. Define specifically who you want to reach i.e. your “hit list”. Once you have them identified and have listened to their needs, then you will find opportunities to reach and engage by delivering targeted campaigns and content that inspires.

Don’t expect overnight results. Even though social media activity is immediate, business development is not. This is something to keep in mind. Business development via social media through favorites of mine like LinkedIn does take time. In my LinkedIn book, I dedicate an entire section to Selling via LinkedIn. For social to drive business it must be seen as a tool that can assist the hungry salesperson in defining a target list, getting specific information about that person and company, but not to specifically drive a sale in the tool. The tool preps you to then go ahead and create that relationship, using proven solution sales methodologies.

To learn how to be the best B2B Salesperson you can be while using Social Media as your target marketing tool, look out for my next post on selling the digital way or contact me for a free consult.