How B2B Companies are Driving Leads with Targeted Content

Did you know 83% of B2B decision makers use LinkedIn as their number 1 source for content delivery? That B2B Marketing departments invest heavily in creating original content? B2B companies are using Social Media to deliver engaging content that will drive leads. So how are B2B companies driving leads with targeted content?

How B2B Companies are Driving Leads with Targeted Content

How B2B Companies are Driving Leads with Targeted Content

Decision makers in B2B have changed their behavior in the last 5 years to fit with the times and explosion of social media, mobile marketing and global adoption and the reverse publishing trend. B2B Marketers in most categories now understand the importance of reaching and engaging in Social with effective content. But so do their competitors.

Now B2B Marketers must consider platform and delivery types, login issues, share ability factors, audience types, influencers and online behaviors on content digestion before they even start to think about a content plan. Further than that, because of the over-saturation of content from competitors in social media, on their own websites and on 3rd party publisher sites and blogs, B2B Marketers need to think defined content market position.

B2B Marketers who are winning in qualified lead generation online are first building a content roadmap that drives market position to their intended audiences. Defining their market position that makes them different, yet better is essential in content planning. They are also including and setting governance on any internal communicators of their online brand. These internal communicators can be key executives or marketing & sales personnel. In any case, any brand ambassador creating and delivering content can be seen as a subject matter expert. In this way, their personal brand must be accurately developed and managed.

At Agent-cy we have worked with loads of personal brands and their content plan in the efforts to drive qualified online B2B lead generation. Where we have seen the most positive results are with those B2B clients in industries such as Telecom, IT services, SAAS/cloud-computing, IT consulting and Data analytics software that have taken the time and effort to position themselves and their key executives in social and on their sites with engaging content.

Agent-cy B2B IT client examples whose content has delivered to engage qualified leads by following best practices include:

Content that delivers must be insightful, engaging and fact-driven to drive qualified B2B decision maker leads. The content must be shared on social networks, websites and blogs where these audiences spend their consideration time. My firm, Agent-cy was built with the mission to help B2B firms drive online market position via effective Online PR content. Internally, we invest in online video personnel, strategic content thinkers, great writers and channel experts. Contact Agent-cy today for a free phone consult to assess the effectiveness of your B2B Content Marketing.