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I can understand why Mr.Blue would tend to make this type of statement – considering he is knee deep in product development – i.e. advertising products for marketers on LinkedIn and is managing opportunities to reach 225+ million business professional around the globe. Hence, the assumption that these type of advertising programs provide highly targeted ways to reach and engage by the user profile. But, no DunnHumby who is also quoted in this article, would be much more accurate as the leader in CPG live research on shopper insight data which feeds the mechanism of Direct Marketing. In my opinion and experience as both a LinkedIn Marketer and a Direct Marketer, the subject of Direct Marketing disappearing is not so. I believe in the convergence of Digital Marketing/Media and Direct Marketing (and its historical tactics such as Direct Mail, Database Marketing, etc.) as the powerhouse to success of any marketer. LinkedIn and its advertising platform is a tool for a type of Direct Marketing as is e-mail marketing, which was used as an example here. E-Mail marketing going away (a huge debate in our world of Internet Marketing) for more “social media” type of direct marketing/advertising is more relevant (again, in my opinion). As a contributing writer to several online publications myself, I understand that this article, could possibly be expanded into a series to explain in more detail what Mr.Blue’s concrete examples are to support the case (perhaps an idea) but where it stands now I appreciate the subject and the thinking here, I just think that looking at DM in a personal vacuum, if you will, doesn’t give it justice. This industry of Direct Marketing (as a member and speaker for the local DMA chapter here myself) is a multi-billion dollar business. I don’t see that going away any time soon. Thank you for the article, Adam.

Jasmine Sandler

Here's my comment - What do you think???

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