How to Hire a Real Social Media Marketer – Comments from SEW

How to Hire a Real Social Media Marketer

How to Hire A Real Social Media Marketer

How to Hire a Real Social Marketer


So I decided to write a controversial piece for Search Engine Watch which I knew would enrage the “Social Media pretenders” out there whom I have had the unfortunate experience of working with time and again and have all proved to fail in professional quality. One in fact even pretended she was going to do the job, took my deposit and never delivered.

It is because of her (I do not call people out – that is not professional) and the many, many, many others that I felt it was my responsibility as an Internet Marketer who has launched and sold social networks (xxtreme connections in 2003), been a social media marketing trainer to 1000’s of business people around the world, known and awarded Digital Marketing Strategist for the Online Marketing Institute, to provide a list of 12 questions to help Hiring Managers hire the right person to lead their Social Media Marketing efforts. Notice I said, LEAD, because the act of Social Media Marketing for any company worth a damn (meaning established/small, but growing/mid-large) is an entire team-related focus. Social Media Marketing requires that multiple professional resources in writing, editing, creative, design, development, PR, analytics and marketing strategy work together across a consistent Social Media Marketing and Content plan. Further, that those resources support across the entire sales, marketing and PR organization. To lead these types of efforts requires someone, as I stated in my short article, which has experience and education in these areas.


Since I do not want to give away the entire article, I urge those of you that are considering hiring a Social Media Marketer or resources within, read the article. If you do read it, you then have the opportunity to get my answers. Here is the link to the article:


If, after you read it, you are interested in any of my social media work, I am happy to arrange a short, free phone consult. My Social Media work includes:

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