Why Google Plus is a Great Social Network for Building Business

Why Google Plus is a Great Social Network for Building Business


Why Google Plus is a Great Social Network for Building Business

Watch out LinkedIn (just kidding), Google+ is rapidly becoming my favorite Social Media network. For any business professional or executive looking to become deeply involved in rich discussions on business and technology, Google+ is the place. For social media marketers and PR professionals to engage their target around live and planned events, Google+ is the place. For heavy LinkedIn users, Google+ is the perfect complement to take those LinkedIn relationships to the next level through a Hangout Party, live streaming HangoutOnAir or in discussion on Google+ communities.

With an audience of well over 500+ million users, Google+ as a social network cannot be ignored. Google+, as a social networking platform with ties into ALL Google products enables its users to partake in social networking on multiple levels. Google+ smartly ties in with Gmail to enable data import and sharing easily. The Youtube-G+ connection opens up multiple ways for businesses to grow subscribers and deliver on-video thought-leadership to its G+ audience.  Further, record video for Youtube quickly and easily for then post-editing. The most alluring factor to G+ for SEO practitioners is its reward system for writers (G+Authorship and related Author Rank) who deliver quality content on topic, most times resulting in higher SEO rank of Personalized Search Results (PSERPS), visible to those in that users’ G+ circles.

The Google+ Circle architecture enables segmentation of contacts for targeted outreach on Google+ rich content. Further, you have the ability to share your circles and pull from Extended Circles as well as their Circles to broaden your message reach. In message reach overall, Google+ allows a user to actively promote to the entire G+ public. This can be related and posted events, Hangouts, articles and company news. G+ has a unique ability, in this way, for users to truly engage business and tech executives on a global level with lively discussions.

G+ communities drive voracious ongoing user interaction because the communities tend to be tech and socially-driven. You will find, for the most part, there are more heavy tech, business and academia-type discussions here than on other Social networks. G+ recommends Communities to you based on your Profile “Story” and where you contribute on the web using your G+ profile (G+Authenticity). You can also search for G+ communities that relate to your industry, target industries and interests. Participating in communities and leading discussions, as well as supports others’ posts in communities with +1’s(likes in the world of Social Media) is a great way to gain visibility and business relationships around the globe.

As mentioned, G+ as a social network ties into all Google products. Therefore, ensuring success as a company using G+ means:

  • Having a supported local business page in Google Places for the opportunity to gain G+ circle reviews
  • Having a G+ Company Page that is managed by a trained Social Media Manager who is aligned with the company content plan
  • Having a PR person in place to assist with the management of any event-related activity on G+ (pre, during and post)
  • Having an SEO Strategy and content writing team that tie into the G+ management program

G+ is such a great way to share rich content. Video sharing and image sharing among communities and Circles keeps lively discussions going. In this, it is a great way to drive thought-leadership for executives looking to use the web to deliver personally branded content. Of course, there needs to be a solid social media and content strategy behind using it so that, whether they be personal or company objectives are met.

I have a lot more to share about G+ and will be offering a free G+ Hangout on 11/14 for a full Q&A and sure to be lively discussion on How to use G+ in a Social Media Marketing strategy. Make sure to Join me on G+ to get your special G+ Hangout on Air VIP Invite for 11/14 and ask any of your G+ and Social Media Marketing questions. Joining me will be Viralheat’s own Marketing Manager to share her experience to how the social media measurement tool provides best practices for managing G+ as part of any company’s social media marketing strategy.