The Social Media Management Tool that every Marketer Needs

The Social Media Management Tool that every Marketer Needs

In this continually complicated world of digital marketing with a new social media platform popping up every second, a marketer needs two things in their analytics: simplicity, and efficiency.  I have finally found both in my partner and social media tool of choice, ViralHeat.

As a digital marketing veteran, I have tried virtually every type of social media analytics software and ViralHeat has been by far the most user friendly.  It has also provided me with the highest quality both in its platform and its attentive service.  ViralHeat makes it easy to publish all of my social media posts in one spot, and has unique and valuable features for every marketer. One of my favorite features is the ‘Sentiment’ tool which allows me to see how my brand is being mentioned, giving me an in-depth look into how my brand is being perceived.

ViralHeat includes incredibly useful tools that will lead to sales in my experience. The ‘Smart Stream’ tool allows me to set up keywords, and track them to find sales opportunities.  The ‘Leads’ tool will read my audience intent, and lets me engage with them to increase sales. See a snapshot here from my own agency account:


ViralHeat Lead In Feature within SmartStream - social media analytics tool

ViralHeat Lead In Feature within SmartStream – social media analytics tool


The management and monitoring tools within the ViralHeat suite of products are simple enough for a new social media manager to understand, yet provide an in-depth view of social media results that will support the marketing needs of even the most advanced digital marketing agency.

Upon an interview I did for ClickZ on how Men’s Wearhouse grew their social following by 300,000, I found ViralHeat.  After testing it, I immediately knew this would be my social media management tool of choice because it provided me with everything I needed to accomplish in social media. They gave me in-depth training, reliable customer service and even took my feedback specifically catering to my business.  For example, because the majority of my clients are B2B and I use LinkedIn as my main social media instrument ViralHeat took my feedback, and enabled posting to LinkedIn Groups directly from the product.

If you’re serious about using social media as a marketing tool to drive up brand, develop a community and tie into sales you should heavily consider utilizing a tool such as ViralHeat.

I am happy to announce that I will be joined by ViralHeat’s Marketing Communication Manager Eileen Bernardo for a lively Google Hangout discussion on how to integrate Google+ effectively into your social media marketing strategy this Thursday at 1p.m. E.S.T . To join us, make sure to Join me on G+ and Register Here.

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