How to Integrate Google+ into Your Social Media Strategy: Google Plus Q&A

Google Plus Q&A with Jasmine Sandler & Eileen Bernardo

Google Plus Q&A

In case you missed the November 14, 2013 Google+ Hangout on “How to Integrate Google+ into your Social Media Strategy” with Eileen Bernardo, MARCOM director at ViralHeat and me, we have summarized the audience Google Plus Q&A for your benefit. Questions came from business owners and marketers at all levels of global organizations. We found that the questions really covered the area for what business professionals need to know about using Google+. Read below and enjoy!



Q: How can I tell if my customers are on Google+ ? How can small businesses gain an audience on Google+?

A: It depends on your industry, but, to find your potential audience, look into communities for like-minded people.

Cross-promote through other channels to gain followers.

Set up your business on Google+ Local so that you can offer promotions that are exclusive to Google+ as well as farm positive reviews.

Use Google+ assets to lure customers (like this open hangout versus a traditional webinar).

If you’re bold, start a community.

As you add specific users, group them to specified circles so you can segment your audience for more targeted posts.

Post consistently to maintain legitimacy.

Q: Can you show presentations through Google+ (ex:PowerPoint)?

A: Yes, you can use the screen share option in hangouts to show your screen while you continue to narrate. You can also share videos and anything else on the web. It’s a great way to engage audience through interactive content.

Q: Can I broadcast a concert on Google Plus? How many people can see a hangout? How do I start one?

A: Keep in mind that there’s a difference between a Hangout and a Hangout On Air. Hangouts are basically a fun Skype where up to 10 or 15 participants can join (depending on your account). Each person will have access as a host, but only those who are invited to the Hangout will be able to see it.  With Hangouts On Air, the session is broadcast to anyone with the link, but only those you invite as hosts can participate in hosting the session – the rest are spectators.

For a step-by-step process on how to host a Google+ Hangout On Air, consult the “How to Host a Google+ Hangout” checklist that accompanies this document.

Q: What are some advantages to Google+ Communities?

A: Google+ Communities allow you to quickly find an audience equally interested in your product. Rather than publishing to an ambivalent audience from your business page, communities are groups of people who are invested in the same topic and will be more likely to engage with relevant content.

“To find your potential audience, look into communities for like-minded people.”

Q.  What is an effective way to run a Google+ contest or campaign to get more people following your business page and clicking +1 on your content? Are hashtag contests inefficient on Google+ pages and in Google+ communities?

A. Running contests, sweepstakes, or other such promotions directly on G+ is prohibited, but you can use it as a method of promotion as long as you hold and manage the contest away from G+. Run the actual campaign through your website, and use your G+ business page to promote within your circles and interested communities. Start an open community around the promotion to gather as many engaged people as you can.

Hashtags are great, but remember to build the strategy for them. Don’t use hashtags excessively – pick one dedicated to your contest and attach it to content made specifically for the campaign. Add the hashtag to everything you post that is contest related and encourage other influencers to share as well.

Q. If you are a blog contributor and you have your link in the contributor section of your profile, will it be recognized for authorship even if the guest blog doesn’t add the code to it’s site?

A: There is no code needed. You can add yourself as a contributor to any site quickly and easily by linking your Google+ profile to the site’s Google+ brand page. You will also need an email address on the same domain as your content.  You can find more information here.

Q. We have a brand that already had a YouTube channel, and now a separate brand page in Google+. Can we link the brand page to the channel after the fact?

A. First, you need to make the email that you use to sign into YouTube a manager of the Google+ Page. This step may require temporarily creating a new Google+ account for that email.

Once the YouTube channel’s Google account is a manager of the Google+ Page, you should be able to go to the advanced settings, and click the option to connect to a Google+ Page.

If you have your own Google+ questions that were not covered in this Google Plus Q&A,  please send to me via my contact form.