Top 10 Tips for using Google+ : Live Recording

Google+ Tips from The Google+ HangOut with  ViralHeat, 11/14/2013

Google+ Tips

Top 10 Tips for Using Google+ derived from Google+ Live Hangout with Jasmine Sandler and ViralHeat

Google+ has rapidly become an important social media marketing outlet for marketers. It is the 2nd largest social network, surpassing Twitter in 2013. Looking forward to 2014, we will see even more importance on this rich-media content sharing tool. Content Marketing and in essence, social media marketing , related strategies and tactics, like Google+ marketing, will be the key to online marketing success for businesses moving forward.

This fact has been supported by leading writers at Forbes in their prediction for the The top 7 online-marketing trends that will dominate 2014, effective ongoing content marketing is #1.(More on Content Marketing will be covered in my next Blog Series in December 2013)

So, in case you missed the 1-hour Google+ Hangout on “How to integrate Google Plus into Your Social Media Strategy” with myself and Eileen Bernardo, Marketing Communications Manager of ViralHeat, I have recapped the Top 10 Tips for Using Google+ here.  By following these G+ tips, you will be on your way to gaining the benefits of traffic development, online brand awareness and online audience development that effective G+ marketing can provide.

Google+ Tip #1 – Start a G+ Business Page. Design it with a compelling G+ Header with call to action.     Link the page to where you contribute as a G+ author

Google+ Tip #2 –As a Brand, utilize G+ Communities to spotlight your customers and drive buzz around a contest/campaign that you are running on your site

Google+ Tip #3 –As a conference leader, utilize Google+ Hangout on Air to enable those who cannot attend physically

Google+ Tip #4 –Engage in Google Plus Communities that you want to learn about or where you can provide real value or expertise. Stay specific in delivering your content to the community of which you are involved.

Google+ Tip #5-Turn off Community posts when on your Google+ Profile page

Google+ Tip #6– When you join B2B communities, engage and support as you would a LinkedIn Group

Google+ Tip #7-When contributing to Communities, mark with a related #Hashtag so that people can easily find your community

Google+ Tip #8– Consider using a Google+ Hangout on Air (Public) to educate others and bring in subject matter experts to drive visibility around a topic and in essence, your brand and related service. G+ Hangout can be a great alternative to Skype and business meetings.

Google+ Tip #9 – Google+ should be weighed heavily as it ties into Youtube, Gmail, Google Places and Google Search rank. Your SEO Strategy should include a G+ Strategy.

Google+ Tip #10 – Consider starting a G+ Community related to your business and industry. Managing a community as a business page shows you as an influencer.

These Top 10 tips for Using Google+ can be seen in the first half of the recorded G+ hangout at: How to Integrate Google Plus into Your Social Media Strategy

The tips as discussed in the Google Plus Hangout were followed by a great Q&A period from the hundreds of attendees. The full Q&A  in written form can be reviewed on my next Blog post, “Q&A from The Google Plus Hangout with ViralHeat and Jasmine Sandler”