LinkedIn’s Future and what you will gain as a Business Professional

Recap of LinkedIn’s Hyper growth and What’s Happening for 2014

MLK Day – a day to reflect – take time off and re-watch Inside LinkedIn on Bloomberg West on Netflix with coverage from Emily Chang. As I sat and did a review of this great special where interviews with all key members of LinkedIn were done, I thought – OK this was only done less than a year ago and so much has already changed with LinkedIn. So will there be even more improvements with my favorite B2B social network? What is LinkedIn’s Future?

As “Inside LinkedIn” 2013 supports, LinkedIn has heavily invested in innovation and this is really its key to success over Facebook and other social networks. You can see this by the skills and quality of people they employ and by the types of products and services LinkedIn has launched in the last 4 years of hypergrowth:

  • LinkedIn Influencer program and acquisition of Pulse
  • Integration into LinkedIn and aquistion of Slideshare
  • Launch of LinkedIn University
  • Launch of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • Explosion of LinkedIn offices around the world
  • LinkedIn Showcase Pages and enhancements to LinkedIn Company Pages
  • LinkedIn match improvements for Recruiters
  • LinkedIn enhancements to Network connections and API into Salesforce
  • More detailed information on Whos Viewed Your Profile
  • LinkedIn Mobile Platform development

So what’s happening for LinkedIn as a sales, marketing and recruitment platform for 2014 and how can you, as an individual business executive, take advantage of these investments? In my opinion, more and more hiring internally of the smartest engineers and investors (at the executive level) internally at LinkedIn. What does this mean for you? Smarter people deploy smarter solutions. Corporate marketers can expect to have better advertising solutions with tighter reach, frequency and better returns. LinkedIn’s planned improvements of its Mobile apps will enable remote sales forces to connect to sales opportunities more easily, and all the time. Further integration of LinkedIn contacts into more CRM systems will enable Sales professionals to stay up to date with all prospects and provide relevant information to them when they are seeking.

As a company, how will improvements to LinkedIn in 2014 help you use LinkedIn as a branding , recruitment and sales tool? Have you seen or tested LinkedIn Showcase Pages, for example? Visualize a mini micro-site or a landing page if you will that targets an exact service or product in such a way where you can build a community around these pages. In a recent interview I did with LinkedIn, you can read all about success stories of big companies like Adobe and the use of these Showcase pages. As a recruiter or small employer even, the LinkedIn University Portal provides hiring directors with the best talent at their fingertips. Better matching capabilities, also of the LinkedIn Search function will enable better targeting of LinkedIn profiles and individual business professionals by matching Skills exactly with the needs of the searcher (almost to the level of Google).

I know for certain, as someone who has been covering LinkedIn as a LinkedIn trainer, author and coach in real time since 2011 and as a business user of LinkedIn since 2004, that LinkedIn will continue to improve as a market leader in the world of B2B Social Networking. LinkedIn as a public company, global employer and B2B platform continues to provide unmatched opportunities for business professionals around the world. As Reid Hoffman set out to do in 2003, he and his team have made LinkedIn, clearly a place for business professionals to do business around the world. I will continue to cover LinkedIn as it moves forward, so to stay on top please subscribe to my Blog.

How I can help you with using LinkedIn to Drive Branding & Sales

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