What You Need to Create a Successful Online Business

How to Start Up Online in the Right Way or Improve Your Current Digital Marketing Programs

A lot of business professionals are considering or have already started online businesses or are using the web as their main marketing vehicle to sell products and services. In today’s global economy, many people are being forced to consider alternative ways of making money rather than taking a traditional full-time job. Because there is so much online competition in this area of being an online entrepreneur, it is crucial then to have a strong Online Brand.

Today, I delivered my top 3 tips for Starting Up Your Online Brand on ClickZ. You can read them here: http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2326949/why-launching-an-online-brand-takes-guts-and-3-tips-for-how-to-do-it-right

I also put together an Action Plan for Starting an Online Business and have made available here on my site at: https://www.jasminesandler.com/product/action-plan-for-starting-up-in-online-marketing-workbook-vol-1/

So let me share a little more with you here on what you need to do to develop a successful Online Brand and a relevant story that may help…

The first place you really need to start is to think through the intended online business, or if a place to market, your online marketing tool. You need to think about and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my online business one that has been done before?
  • Is my online business in a saturated marketplace?
  • Do I have the talent, skills, people, time and money to launch such an online business?
  • What is my gut telling me about this online business? Is this a smart move?
  • If I need a partner, do I have one in mind that is qualified?
  • Who can I ask about the validity of this online business?
  • Have I had success prior in a relevant area?

After you ask and answer yourself, it is wise to ask those around you that have already been successful.  Now to a quick client story that may give you some good insight and further tips when establishing a successful online business…

Last year I taught my 4-week LinkedIn intensive course to a large group of Independent Business Coaches. After the course I was hired by three of them to help them to develop their individual businesses online. Out of the three, there was truly only one person who had a business that was ripe to consider investing in online marketing.


The reason why is that the other two, after I did a comprehensive Digital Marketing review, which I do as a Digital Marketing consultant, is that they failed in the following areas, so make sure you watch out for these:

1. Business ideas has been done before and failed multiple times

2. Investment requirement to launch businesses not met – remember to launch any successful online business you will need a bare minimum of $20,000

3. Owners were unwilling to commit 100% of their time to run these businesses. This is what it takes to be successful.

4. Business owners did not have the skills necessary to manage the business

5. Business owners did not want to let go of doing everything. An Emyth must have!

6. Online businesses had no unique value to their target audience

7. Online businesses were not scale able.

If you are ready to start your successful business online or really use the web as your main marketing vehicle, you need to plan, research and consider the realities of doing business. If you are not really ready, but want to understand what is an action plan to start, consider purchasing my nominal $5 Action Plan for StartUps. If you aren’t ready for that, feel free to send me your 1 burning question about starting or growing an online business so perhaps I can ease your worry or point you in the right direction.