From 2005 to 2015: What’s The Future of SEO?

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed a lot. There’s still a lot of SEO companies that are following old rules of SEO. For at least 50% of my current clients, we’ve got them out of a bad place with Google. They were penalized by Google because they were working with SEO practitioners who were continuing the same old practices; they weren’t staying up-to-date with changes such as Panda & Penguin (by Google), which alters the factors of SEO.

SEO Audit

I’ve been in the world of (SEO) since 2005; I’ve seen SEO change quite a bit over time:

  • The companies involved have changed,

  • The entire practice of SEO has changed, and

  • How the search engines work has changed.

SEO used to be much more of a technical practice: It used to primarily driven by IT people. Whereas now and for the future of SEO, it supports really all of digital marketing, which includes both marketing and technical practices. So it should be seen as a core component of any digital marketing program, supporting:

  • On-site technical implementation (web development)

  • Content marketing,

  • The practice of social media marketing, and

  • Anything that could be delivered digitally.

“On-site SEO” makes sure that your website itself is optimized for SEO.

This first requires what we call at Agent-cy “an audit.” The audit reviews – from a technical standpoint – how well the website supports SEO. There at least 22 types of errors that my company looks for when we are doing an intense SEO audit.

While clients get a team, I am the lead SEO consultant. My focus of the audit is on your website’s content: When done correctly, content is one major component that feeds the engine of SEO. We look at your site from how well the content is developed, how much content there is & a number of other factors.

When I worked on Citibank Mortgage’s SEO & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) program in 2005, how well you ranked on Google used to be about 50% “on site” and 50% “off site.”

As an SEO consultant, I have to stay on top of what’s going on with SEO every single day. That’s not something that a business like a law firm or financial services company should have to worry about; I do that for you.

How updated is your SEO strategy? How do you involve your other marketing efforts, including social media? This may be tough for you to answer, so ask me to audit your SEO for you on a free SEO consult call. In another article, I’ll go into “off site” SEO.

As we enter 2015 and for the future of SEO, the marketing practice is leaning a little bit more towards 40/60. And where the future is going, it might be 30% “on,” 70% “off site.” I’ll go into this more in Part 2 next week. To make sure you don’t miss out,