Secrets for Unstoppable B2B Online Lead Generation

The new world of B2B online Lead Generation

So you have had an SEO program running for a while. Perhaps you have dabbled with Social Media Advertising. Maybe you have even run some campaigns in Ad networks. But you look at your CRM and don’t see the volume, quality or both of online leads. So what is the issue? You think you have it all in the bag. Hey you are a B2B marketer and your B2B organization has a great brand, but your sales team is starving. Let me share with you the secrets for unstoppable B2B Online Lead Generation. And I will give you a hint, it’s not one or the other. The world of Digital Marketing is holistic. To guarantee a steady stream of new business inquires, lead form completions and other online conversions, you need to analyze, review and implement on both broad and specific levels.

Changes affecting Online Branding

It used to be, back in the heydey of the Internet and Internet Marketing, that driving leads was about running total some cost-effective campaigns on ad networks, maybe even enabling some qualified back-links to support SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Man, how it all has changed. Now we have online marketing saturation in virtually every industry. Media CPC’s and CPM’s have zoomed. Penetration on blogs, social networks and trusted sites is that much harder. Companies need to spend as much time protecting their online brand as they do growing and driving awareness around it. This is what we call Online Branding.B2B Online Lead Generation, to do it right, make it consistent and gain leads that are really suitable for your sales team, requires a specific Digital Marketing Plan that can guide marketing on specific tactics and programs that lead to company goals, which can then be measured.

The importance of Digital Marketing Planning

So where do you start? How can you approach or in the cases of the majority of my B2B clients, re-approach how to do online marketing right? So that B2B Online Leads come in consistently and they are qualified. You absolutely must begin with a solid understanding of your company market position, areas of thought-leadership and values to your target audience. These are some of the components of a Digital Marketing Plan. Remember that your internet audience is vast and includes an entire ecosystem. That ecosystem and the players in it has many levels of online behavior and influence. And so, understanding where your audience lives, how they consume content and how they “buy” online is an essential step in starting to generate B2B online leads.

The Secrets of the “New” SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

The practice of SEO has changed dramatically since I began in the industry back in the early 2000’s. In our new world of search marketing and search marketing management, we need to take into account the daily rules that Google and the other major search engines put out that guide how we do business. In this world, the secrets to great SEO and further, that the enables positive online reputation development, online brand awareness and ultimately (assuming site conversion is done well) is how well both the site and the content off-page engages the target audience. In this, Content Marketing and Content Planning is crucial to success. Content on site, including web copy, tags, keyword development , imagery, videos, illustrations all can have a positive impact on B2B online lead generation and traffic development. Content distributed to what Google deems qualified and relevant sites and social networks (and related communities) can signal and support SEO and your ranking in the major search engines for business-driving keywords. The new SEO world also is heavily reliant on strong, supportive PPC (Paid Search Marketing) programs. As stated previously, the world of digital marketing or Internet Marketing and more specifically, search marketing is saturated. SEO takes time and if a site is not well ranked further, PPC or SEM can drive immediate online visibiity and lead generation.

Nurturing Your Social Media Ecosystem is Crucial

Qualified Online Lead Generation doesn’t just magically appear. One key element in today’s social media world, is how well you , your marketing and sales people create and nurture influencer relationships in the Social Ecosystem where you live. The more that you and your team can identify, engage and support a social ecosystem, players and related content that delivers value and product education, the more opportunities you will find for lead generation. The nature of social media and social media marketing is viral. Content is engaged with and shared. So by its nature, lead generation develops when a brand understands how to deliver ongoing, frequent content of interest to its influencers and potential buyers.

These secrets to online b2b lead generation have been utilized by small and large brands alike. My clients can tell you from experience that, again, this practice requires a holistic approach to online marketing. Further, that the work requires multiple skill sets to support delivery of the programs, from search marketing professionals to social media community managers to direct response experts.  When you are considering buying into a B2B lead generation program, consider that there are many components to such a system.

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