How to use Social Media to Sell Real Estate in Manhattan

Solving the dilema of the Manhattan Real Estate Salesperson: Branding Yourself in Social, All-Star LinkedIn Profile and more…

Selling real estate, whether commercial or residential, in Manhattan is no easy feat. In this blog post, I will share with you some proven practices for How to use Social Media to Sell Real Estate to help real estate salespeople drive sales.

There are over 27,000 liscenced real estate brokers , agents or salespeople in the borough , and that is a 2013 number supported by a 2013 article from real estate news authority, The Real Deal In my Social Sales Training, Sales Training, LinkedIn Sales Training and Sales Consulting work for real estate companies and real estate salespeople ( I have trained Regus Corporation, Emerge 212 to name a couple) , the #1 issue or sales challenge I hear is “How can I use Social Media to sell real estate?” There are multiple challenges facing the individual commerical or residential real estate salesperson. If you are in the New York real estate market, you will understand these issues:

  1. The Manhattan real estate indsutry is highly competitive. On LinkedIn alone, there are over 2,593 real estate salespersons in Manhattan with full LinkedIn profiles.
  2. The demand for Manhattan real estate by investors , home buyers and businesses looking to establish a Manhattan address is very high, while inventory is low.
  3. The target groups of buyers are sophisticated and smart. Many times, someone looking to rent or buy a space or apartment in Manhattan thinks they do not need an agent, broker or real estate salesperson.
  4. Social community sites like Craigslist allow for both private and owner listings. This can cause issues especially for commercial real estate brokers selling retail space, where broker competition is high.

So how do you, as a real estate salesperson compete effectively and use the web and further, social media sites and tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Trulia, Yelp and others to drive qualified leads? Here are my top 3 pieces of advice as a Social Media Sales Consultant for How to use Social Media to Sell Real Estate:

Get a Gut check on your Professional and Personal Brand Online

If you are like the majority of sales professionals in real estate I have trained or have had the pleasure providing LinkedIn conuslting, your success relies on how well you have crafted a strong brand where your clients truly trust you and view you as an advisor, a real estate industry insider. If you have not taken the time or invested in a personal branding program, you could be missing the mark. You are your brand. You are your own selling machine. This is the plight of the Manhattan real estate salesperson. Seriously consider developing and nurturing your personal brand for professional success. Recently I wrote a three-part series on this subject, personal branding online. I suggest by reading Part 1: Managing Your Personal Brand.

Identify and Confirm Your Selling Style

In a sea of Manhattan real estate sales professionals, it is crucial that you confirm your selling style. Your communication in social media will support the style you choose. Whether that is direct, persuasive, illustrative, communicative or very visual, you need to choose and commit to one. I wrote an entire post recently on how to identify and build your selling style under your personal brand. Take a read How to Develop Your Personal Brand Style

Make sure you have an All -Star Real Estate Salesperson LinkedIn Profile

All Star LinkedIn Profile

I have had the pleasure of having some fantastic real estate sales executives, leasing agents and commercial brokers as individual LinkedIn consulting clients. One area in common they were stuggling with when they came to me was that they felt their LinkedIn profiles weren’t telling their whole story. After getting to know them as professionals, as I am sure you are, I tended to strongly agree. Every real estate sales professional has a unique story to tell. Where they came from, both in their work experience, accoloades, accomplishments, client, education and life experiences. The story needs to be told in a compelling, engaging and visual manner for a salesperson to stand out and win on LinkedIn. So make sure you beef up your LinkedIn profile to drive targeted visibility and engagement.

I offer for real estate sales professionals a Full LinkedIn Makeover for Only $500. Contact me to reserve your LinkedIn Profile Makeover.

Optionally, if you would like to try it on your own, I have detailed instructions on Best Practices for a Visible and Engaging LinkedIn Profile in my LinkedIn Sales Book . Finally, use my LinkedIn Daily Action Plan download, to have a plan of exactly what to do on LinkedIn and when to develop your visibility and target engagement. LinkedIn is and should be a Manhattan real estate sales professional’s #1 sales tool.

LinkedIn Marketing Book: Branding & Sales: The LinkedIn Way

LinkedIn Daily Marketing Plan