The Top 5 Lead Generation Tips for Web Design Agencies

Aligning with Digital Marketing: Lead Generation Tips for Web Design Agencies

Lead Generation Tips for Web Design Agencies

Web developers and Web Designers need Web marketers. Web Marketers rely on Web developers and web designers to translate their marketing goals into functionally sound, interactive and modern-looking websites and mobile sites.

The longevity of the career of the corporate and agency side web developer depends very much on their positive interaction with the marketer or marketing team. In that I have been working alongside of Web Designers and Developers for the bulk of my career in Digital Marketing, I thought I would share my top Lead Generation Tips for Web Design Agencies:

Get involved in the upfront Digital Marketing Strategy

In the planning stages of a website or web project it is essential that the web developer and web designer have a look and supportive commentary related to any Digital Marketing Plan being developed for the project or the client, in case of agencies. Being involved means that the minute that User Experience is being discussed, the developer and designer jump on board with the marketer to ascertain appropriate user paths, funnels and user social sharing experience.

Learn all you can about WordPress as Web Site Platform

There really is not one website project these days (unless your company or client is not into marketing) that does not require some sort of Content Marketing attached to it. The simplest way to get this going is to have a (market position) supported vertical Blog residing on the site. WordPress is the simplest platform for users to administer, make changes to in a cost-effective way, even if your company or client has a secured, proprietary corporate website. At some point, WordPress will inevitably come into play in web design and development.

As I am sure you know, WordPress is very flexible and can support both custom coded and themed designs. This is important to note when working with projects that require rapid development.

Communicate often with your Digital Marketing Consultant or marketing team

From the onset of any web project, for it to be a success – from both a development and marketing perspective, it is crucial that the teams communicate often. Best practices during such projects is that the developer is introduced or involved with the marketing team pre-plan development. Such that, during scope analysis both parties are involved. And when the site is being built, the content marketer is paired with the developer to ensure total search optimization of the site (SEO on-site). Further, when the site is being launched any approved online marketing programs, such as Social Media Marketing or Paid Search Marketing are discussed with the developer and or designer on the project. Virtually every time marketing decides on a campaign, a developer and or designer is ultimately needed. So make sure you are there for those add on projects. They will keep you in the stream and if you are a freelancer, will provide you with ongoing revenues.

Seek to work with a Digital Marketing Consultant that has experience in functional planning

In that many of you may be seeking new projects, a key to finding qualified projects that can lead to frequent, ongoing work, I suggest you look to work alongside of marketers that at least have some understanding of development. Marketers that have been properly trained in User Experience (U/I, U/X), CRO (Conversion Optimization), SEO On-site auditing are a better bet to work with because they can more readily sell in your work for you on ongoing projects. Further, digital marketers that have extensive experience in working with Web Developers and Web Designers will be able to understand your capabilities, concerns and vision for projects better than general marketers.

Utilize easy to use project management tools

When working on any internal or client projects, the best way to communicate with marketing is by the use of project management tools, such as my favorite, Basecamp. Marketers need to be told what to do, need to see your picture of what you think the project is all about just as they do. By clarifying scope with hours in easy to read formats, a marketer will have a much better time relaying that information to a client on a project. In my work with developers and designers, we have fast tracked for rapid deployment multiple projects successfully simply by deploying (appropriately) the use of solid PM tools.

At the end of the day, the success of your work, whether a Web Developer or Web Designer, on any considerable web project, depends on the whole of the team. Look at the marketing team or supportive individual digital marketing consultant as one of the keys to your career success. Remember that the job of the marketer is to enable online brand awareness and revenues resulting from appropriate online marketing execution.

The web marketer, many times, holds the keys for qualified work and payment for Web Developers and Web Designers. It is in your best interest to align with these digital marketers, not just for initial projects, but to grow together as technology rapidly changes online, in mobile and wearable devices. Both the marketer and the developer need to support growing needs of their clients together for the best results.

If you run a web design agency or web development firm in New York, Boston, Los Angeles or Chicago and have a need to grow your business, follow these Lead Generation Tips for Web Design Agencies and contact Jasmine Sandler, Digital Marketing Partner to global agencies, to grow business together.