3 Ways to Tap Social Channels for Social Selling Opportunities

Make the Effort of Social Selling Easier with these 3 Steps

Social Selling

How to Work the Social Channels for Sales

Twitter made it easy for companies to use social media channels as a lead generation tool last year when it offered “lead generation cards” to companies who were looking to build up their email marketing list. What other ways has social media led the way for more organizations to gain valuable social selling opportunities?

1. Target Creatively
If you’re seeking out a way to up your lead generation game, tap into the lead generation card on Twitter. Those companies who have used Twitter’s promoted tweets and lead gen cards effectively can built up its email database of qualified leads.

In my Twitter marketing program, my team and I focus on growing a stronger Twitter  following, both in quantity and quality. Our accounts increase geometrically due to a domino effect from the influx of quality followers.

2. Change Your Stance on Social Media
Changing the way you approach your content on social media can improve your social selling experience. For smart social media companies, they simply needed to focus on the user experience instead of pushing the brand or delivering content. One way to do this is to lead each Twitter interaction with a human component, focusing on making the experience user friendly and more convenient to the user.

If you glance at what social media is offering on the paid side of their platforms, you’ll find tools that don’t necessarily affect the content of your message – they just make everything more streamlined for the user and your content more attractive.

3. Social Media Can Assist You in Nurturing Leads
You’ve likely used email-driven strategies to execute your lead nurturing because it can be effective. But have you considered using social media for nurturing? Just think about LinkedIn, as I tell my LinkedIn Sales attendees of my Linkedin Sales Training programs, and your first connects. Those first connects should be viewed as your most targeted database. When it comes to building a connection between your leads and your company, social media is a perfect tool for the job.

A study by marketing group ATYM showed that 85 percent of those surveyed had a Facebook account. Roughly half of them had a Twitter account, and they go to both of these accounts on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. Did you know that when your service or product is referred through social media, the lead is more than 70 percent more likely to make a purchase?

Social selling works, especially when leads are nurtured. Every lead nurturing email you send out now should include a link to your social sites. You’ll not only grow your contact list this way, but you’ll put your target audience in line with their favorite social channels.

It’s easy to be intimidated by social selling tasks because so much is involved in carrying out a strategy that works. Does it all seem a little overwhelming? To get a leg up on the process, consider my Free Social Media Phone consult to get your most nagging Social Selling questions answered NOW.