Digital Marketing Strategy Infographic

Looking for a Solid Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business?

Digital Marketing Strategy Process Info Graphic

So that you can learn how the digital marketing planning process works, I created an infographic that steps through my methodology or journey I take for my Digital Marketing Consulting clients. Before I walk you through the elements of the marketing plan, I would like to give you my top 3 reasons why you should consider a Digital Marketing Strategy:

Your business exists in a highly saturated marketplace

A great example is commercial real estate in New York City. I have worked with many clients in this area. As one strategy that I deployed was to help the individual real estate business owner create a visible online personal brand. To learn about this digital marketing tactic, read the steps in my previous post for real estate agents looking to drive leads online.

Your online marketing programs are NOT driving good results

This may not be your fault. Without a solid, well-thought out digital marketing plan based on strong research, you could be throwing balls to no receiver(it is the NFL season after all). Further, your company may lack the digital marketing talent and expertise to execute such a strategy effectively. This is when you should consider a digital marketing consultant.

You are looking to Kickstart a new business online

I run into this one all the time. I have helped many funded start-ups in Digital Marketing Planning. I have also seen many fail without a strategy. Whether you are literally looking to raise money online or crowdfund or drive audience development for a new product or service, you cannot do without a Digital Marketing Plan

In my work in Digital Marketing Planning, I offer both comprehensive and a la carte programs. Every company and need is different and a professional strategist should provide options and customize their plans. In the infographic I created here, I provide an overall look at the comprehensive process, including:

  • Online Business Validation
  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy