SEO Expert Searchmetrics Confirms Google Ranking Factors

Five Takeaways to Help You Get Better Search Results

SEO Expert confirms 2014 Google Ranking FactorsSearchmetrics, a company that has become a market leader with unique search analytics software, released a report shedding light on SEO ranking factors. The report shows that high quality content has become the focus of search. The report offers marketers some tips on how to gain better rankings. The good news is that these factors support what SEO professionals such as myself have been delivering to SEO clients for years. Let’s review:

1. How Robust is Your Site Architecture?
Searchmetrics highlights that keywords are still a vital component of search, but there is a definite shift toward entire topics. Also contributing to a good ranking is the infrastructure of the website you’re using – the technical performance of the site has to be strong with internal links that work and loading times that are fast. It is important to not lose focus on your content and make sure you’re paying attention to all the technical aspects of your site. For a free technical mini SEO audit to see how your site is performing, email me your url.

2. Give Thought to Your Titles
You’ve probably spent a good deal of time creating quality content. But what about your title? A SEO expert will tell you that you are going to get a better ranking if you pay attention to your keywords in your copy and your titles. Searchmetrics says this has increased in importance from 2013 to 2014. There is high value in using your keywords in titles.

3. Make Your Content More Relevant
Longer documents are gaining better rankings, but this doesn’t mean you get to skimp on content because quality is still important. Searchmetrics recommends using semantically comprehensive wording and multiple media types. Don’t take this as an excuse to start going crazy with your advertising because anything resembling spam is not going to help your cause. The top three factors in SEO ranking are the composition and quality of your content, your ability to provide workable links and advertising material.

4. Get Your Webmaster on Board
Backlinks are important, so tell your Webmaster that they should always go with quality over quantity. When it comes to off-page factors, an SEO expert will confirm that backlink quality is important. You will still want to offer consistent and frequent quality content, but without strong backlinks, it’s not going to be as effective when trying to get a better search ranking. In our brave new world of SEO, off-page is determined by high-quality, relevant links with strong, engaging content supplied. The best case scenario, as I instruct my Online PR client base, is to have content and online brand representation on targeted media publication sites. At my agency, we help clients understand how to plan for and then succesfully execute Online PR programs as part of the SEO mix and have been doing so since 2006. See a list of what is involved in Online PR work at Agent-cy Online Marketing.

5. Where are the Strongest Signals?
Social signals stand out as bonuses in better ranking. While there was a slight decline this year from last year, the better-ranked sites have a large amount of comments, likes and shares. Facebook still tops the list of social sites, but other top platforms follow close behind.

How have your efforts at boosting your rankings gone over the last year? Does anything in this report seem perplexing? You should consider bringing in an SEO expert to assist you in your efforts. Staying on top of the ranking algorithms is what professional marketers do on a daily basis, particularly when it comes to SEO work. As always, I am happy to provide a free SEO phone consultation.