The 6 Keys to Content Marketing Done Right – Infographic

Content Marketing Drives Better Results in SEO and Social Media

Using Content for the sake of Digital Marketing done right is not an easy chore. The practice, which supports SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing (Influence) requires a process, as any other online marketing program, to be impactful on the bottom line. I have created this Infographic to help marketers start to develop effective content programs for their organizations. These 6 Keys to Content Marketing include how content shapes keyword development and social media channel development.

The ultimate Content Marketing Process Infographic – (Feel free to share)

Guide to effective Content Marketing

Understanding the cumulative effect of Content Production

Producing content for the sake of doing it won’t help you to develop a social voice nor a strong online brand. Only the development and appropriate distribution of content with a Strategy in mind can do so. And, that content production and management work must be done continually for it to make real impact. Everyone today in the world of Digital Marketing understands the importance of content, but do they know how to build, shape and grow target and media influence through content? Do they know how to create compelling content and share related content that will, on an ongoing basis, create a pinnacle of itnerest amongst an influencer-based social ecosystem?

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