Personal Branding is the Hot Topic on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

LinkedIn Posts provide indication of where 2015 Digital Marketing is headed: Personal Branding

If you follow me on the LinkedIn writing platform, you will notice that I share my best practices , research, interviews and client experiences on Branding, B2B Marketing and Sales. You probably don’t notice, with all the content being thrown at you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook , Google Plus, Youtube, Email and so on what is important and why you should care. Well I have been doing my own analysis of both my posts as well as Influencers I follow this month in terms of what’s really hot on the LinkedIn Writing Platform and I will tell you why that is important for you.

Personal Branding and Personal Development are Trending

In less than a few days, a LinkedIn post I wrote to help job-seekers gain the edge against their competitors, ” Job Seekers: How to Stand Out Online and Get Hired” received 23 likes, the most I had received from any post since April 2014.

Barbara Corcoran, LinkedIn Influencer, Co-Founder of Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners, received close to 500 likes in less than 1 day for her latest post, “Here’s How to Reinvent Yourself. In the article, she stresses the importance of understanding the efforts someone will need to undertake to re-invent themselves, essentially what it takes for true personal re-development.

Naomi Simson, LinkedIn Influencer, Founder of Online Gift Retailer Red Balloon, just posted “The difference between personal brand and style” and is already at 143 likes. In her LinkedIn post, she shares the secrets of consistency in dress to build an online brand.

Clara Shih, LinkedIn Influencer and CEO of Hearsay Social, a company who I have had the pleasure of supporting via my Social Media Consult work and have to say is ground-breaking in the world of financial services social media marketing, received over 200 Likes for her LinkedIn post, “My First 90 Days: Never Stop Proving Yourself“. In it, she shares her rules for the new employee who wants to make sure that he or she drives a strong , reliable, powerful reputation inside the workplace.

These articles on LinkedIn and others like the one on The New York Times about Marilyn Manson’s personal brand redevelopment  show the clear importance of people knowing how to build, shape, grow and sometimes transform their online identities. Whether that is for obtaining the career of your dreams, gaining more sales and leads, growing your business, launching a new business or improving your reputation, the processes of Personal Branding and Reinvention are critical for personal and professional success.

Prior to the launch of my upcoming book, “How to Brand Yourself Online Like a CEO” due out in Feb 2015, I have made available A Daily Action Plan for Personal Branding. It is available as a stand alone product or can be obtained for free as part of my Consulting service.