Story Selling in 2015: New Content Marketing Techniques

So you want to drive online brand awareness and engagement through compelling content?

Here are your content marketing techniques that are proven to story-sell

As a B2B Digital Marketer, you may have tried everything under the sun in the last few years to drive target engagement around your content. Some tactics have probably worked; and some probably have not. At the end of the day, the key to creating, delivering and distributing online content that will reach and engage your intended audience is all about them. What has worked in content engagement , if you read my LinkedIn piece, Content Marketing Strategies That Work  in 2014 and reviewed the Content history infographic I shared there, you would know that Content in its raw nature has been around since the days of the caveman.

In fact, content that works has always been in front of your face. As a former advertising agency executive at FCB, I recall utilizing content marketing in the form of  pitching new business. I would tell stories of successful brands and how they used effective advertising to sell their products and services. The stories I told and illustrated through visual presentations engaged the prospect by utilizing content that aligned with their wants and needs as brand marketers.

Further, branded content and related experiences, sometimes referred to as experential marketing, has traditinally been a marketing activity reserved for large B2C brands. You probably know of at least one famous online promotion or ad served within an experience (event, video game and so on) where a B2C brand became part of the experience. Now, we see such immersion from these same B2C brands in advanced technologies, such as Oculus Rift and virtual reality. An interesting brand example I found compelling was delivered by AKQA and my friend Tom Beddecare in what they delivered for the Nissan brand. Read the story on AdAge and see how Nissan Created Oculus Rift Experience to Entice Younger Consumers

So what Content Marketing Techniques are in store for story-selling in 2015? F0r B2B Marketers the opportunity is now to immerse the brand experience in stories. It is time to truly engage. To identify with audiences and participate in an authentic way. Branded entertainment is wide open for B2B Marketers.

What we have seen in the world of entertainment is nothing short of tremendous growth. In a 2-part  series I did for ClickZ on Digital Entertainment and B2B Marketing, I did my due diligence to review the industries of Music, Comic Books and Film. What I found, and what was supported by insiders in these industries, like my personal favorite David Finch of DC Comics, who I had the pleasure of interviewing at The Baltimore Comicon, is that there because the popularity of these mediums is growing in places like Social Media, B2B Brands have more and more opportunities to create custom content and live within the comic or the film. Check out my Youtube interview with David Finch:


Another content marketing technique beyond branded entertainment or custom content and delivery via entertainment endpoints is true editorial personally branded content. Today, too much content is the 5 tips of this and the 7 points of that. Content is becoming more personal and buying decisions via social media are about 1 on 1 relationship development. Social networking is becoming more organic. See my latest ClickZ article on How to Build Organic Growth in Social Media for my recommendations. The best content is the one that is original, that shares a real voice, that is authentic, that tells the story of a personal brand. To do this you need a plan and you need to understand your specific Personal Brand style To get your Personal Brand style started, steal my recommendations on Managing Your Personal Brand Style

These are just a few Content Marketing Techniques you can start to implement for better content engagement in 2015. As a Senior Content Marketing Strategist, who has helped B2B Professional Services firms drive better content for the last 10 years, I am happy to serve you as well. To get started, book a Free 15 Minute consult with me on my calendar