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“How to Brand Yourself Online Like a CEO”

My latest digital marketing manual is now available on Amazon.

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My new book, “How to Brand Yourself Online Like a CEO,” as a follow up to “Branding & Sales: The LinkedIn Way”, is a manual for personal branding online that shows people how to build a strong personal brand for themselves online. Nowadays, it is essential to develop and maintain an authentic personal brand that reflects your professional goals. This book can help anyone who is serious about their career, whether that is in design, consulting, corporate, music, writing or business ownership.

“How to Brand Yourself Online like a CEO” has been published and is now available on Amazon and Create space. Book giveaways are now available under a contest at in March 2015. In April 2015, a three-part video crash course series on personal branding will be launched and available in the Training section of this site.