How to Drive Real Content Visibility – Content Amplification Infographic

A Content Amplification Strategy to take your engagement to the next Level

(Infographic and Intro provided by Ivan Serrano)

Content Marketing today is complex and requires a real plan. In that plan, content enngagement requires amplification. Thanks to my new friend, Ivan Serrano, who provided this content amplification infographic, you now can learn how to take your content marketing program to the next level.  As I always say in my content strategy, it isn’t enough just to create content, its about creating real Content Visibility.

Introduction to the Content Strategy Infographic

Regardless of how amazing your content is, you can’t go viral unless you have a strategy in place. Just like with any Billboard hit, you need to create content that gets noticed by the right audience. Once it gets noticed by influential people in your industry, you can expect the world to catch on to your powerful content.

Just because you’re a rockstar at creating content doesn’t mean people will buy tickets to your show. You need to first create a documented content amplification strategy that will help you attract the right audience. First, create a goal for your strategy such as building awareness of your content or generating leads. These goals will help you find the right focus for your strategy.

Next, it’s time to identify your target audience. Find an existing audience and create content for those people. It’s also important to consider where they go for information online and the types of sources they trust. This will help you target the right audience for your content and determine what type of content to produce.

After you’ve created a goal and discovered your audience, it’s time to go out with a bang! Start creating owned and paid media that will help you promote your content. For example, invest in creating a company blog and promoting your posts with paid Facebook advertisements. This will help you amplify your content and take it to the next level.

Impressing your audience with amazing content can be accomplished with the proper amplification strategy. To learn more about content amplification and how your content will benefit, check out the infographic below:

Content Marketing Visibility Strategy