Digital Marketing Strategies for SEO Changes in 2015

SEO Changes in 2015 and How You Can Be Best Prepared.


The rules governing Search Engine Optimization are constantly changing because search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. Whereas last year when I was giving an SEO Workshop for the Women In Communications, I discussed the importance of Google Plus Authorship and SEO Rank (as viewed below), this year I will discuss more around Twitter’s algorithm and Google as SEO partners.


Search engines exist to yield the most relative results for users free of spammed content, so they change their methods frequently to meet this goal. The constant changes in Search Engine Optimization make it a dynamic industry that demands equally dynamic strategies. Because of the SEO changes to algorithms and rules that govern search engine management, your SEO strategy will never be a permanent check in a box. It will need to be consistently tweaked and manicured.

Digital marketing plans of the future must incorporate synergetic momentum between marketing, content development, and social media campaigning. Therefore, nailing down a perfectly executable SEO strategy is not a static endeavor; it’s a rapidly moving target requiring continuing education of the ever-changing SEO climate. In the last decade, Search Engine Optimization strategies have changed tremendously, and what once was acceptable and preferable is now discouraged and unpracticed. As more companies opt to bring their SEO functions in-house under the guidance of a digital marketing strategist or team, it’s important to enlist the assistance of an SEO expert or trainer.

Enlisting the assistance of an SEO trainer can help maintain the integrity of your digital marketing strategy and ensure that you do not lose momentum during the conversion.  After a decade-long career in Search Engine Optimization, I understand the timeline and trajectory of the industry. An expert SEO trainer should have a course that covers both basics and advanced concepts. My foundational training program addresses the core competencies of Search Engine Optimization, and the associated SEO training assessment can be completed within 20 minutes by contacting me through my contact form.

It’s important for stakeholders monitoring internal digital marketing teams to consider integrating continuing education into the overall team planning. With the constant changes in the industry, ensuring team awareness of the proper configurations of a state of the art SEO strategy can be the difference needed to yield noticeable returns. The specifications needed to maintain an active lead producing SEO will continue to vary over time, and SEO specialists should have the skills and abilities to gauge the pulse of relative industry changes. A strong digital marketing team acknowledges that SEO permeates to every department in an organization that publishes digital content. My B2B and SEO consulting firm, with over 11 years of experience in SEO, currently assist clients by conducting technical audits to gauge the effectiveness of their current SEO strategy.

Knowing this information can give an organization the ability to identify where their current SEO plan could benefit from an overhaul and how SEO changes may affect their online visibility in Google. Is your current SEO strategy helping or hurting your business? Does your digital marketing team need a refresher course on changes to the industry?

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