How to Best Prepare for Live B2B Social Media Training

So your company is interested in finding out how to use Social Media as a B2B Marketing tool? Your sales team needs to gain illumination on why and how Social Media can support their B2B Selling process? Perhaps your CEO is ready to jump into becoming a visible social brand? Your next step is natural – Hire a B2B Social Media Trainer. But, you, as the Director of Marketing, may have some hesitation or may be hearing doubts from other company executives.

In my info graphic here, I have broken down the necessary qualifications, client experience and skills you should look for when hiring a B2B Social Media Trainer. You will find out the length of years and quantified experience in results in social strategy, campaign launch and types of channel management you should expect from a social trainer.

Further, you should be aware of how much trainers charge and specifically how can make a smart buying decision around your training spend. You can hire by course, by consult hour, live, online, by phone and so on. Any experienced trainer should have all of these options available to you. A trainer should also provide you with a detailed break-down of what to expect in training and associated costs. As an example, I have provided the agenda and pricing of my full day B2B social media training on my 1-Day B2B Training Program so you can get to know what to expect.

Once you do hire a social media trainer, it is essential that you make the most out of your training. As a veteran in this type of work, I encourage you to take the following steps pre and post training:

  1. Plan for the training team and environment.
    Many companies just shove a bunch of trainees in a crowded room with a table full of food, throw a trainer to them and then ask questions when it is too late. Do not do this! Plan with your trainer. When your trainer, asks you, as she or he should for a list of who will be attending be specific and detailed. Plan for training when attendees have already eaten as much as possible. Nothing is more distracting to both the trainer and other attendees than the sound of plates and food smashing around.
  2. Plan enough time for the actual training.
    Companies who think that LinkedIn Sales Training can be done in an hour are definitely lacking in real information. Proper B2B Social Media Sales Training takes proper time to learn, ask questions and complete follow-up. Further, if you have booked a full day with a qualified trainer, then that day is with the trainer; not running in and out of the room to take sales calls.
  3. Plan your equipment right.
    For anyone that knows me, this is my biggest pet peeve as a trainer. I have been a Sales Trainer since my old days at IBM. A trainer’s and attendees experience of the training really does rely on proper planning of equipment. Plan for any remote employees/attendees with a proper dial in. Plan for displaying screens and demos early. Send the trainer images of the training room, detail the in house equipment, have your IT staff ready for the trainer. There is nothing worse in my opinion than wasting a trainer’s time on improper equipment set up.
  4. Plan for printed and digital deliverables.
    When working with an experienced Social Media Trainer, you will receive on site workshop deliverables. With some trainers, such as me, we will accompany our training with eBooks or hard books. Be prepared with accurate attendee counts at least 24 hours in advance of the training.

In my next installment of “How to Make the Most out of Social Media Training”, I will share with you what you can do during the training to get the most from your money. As a B2B Social Sales and Marketing Trainer, I am here to answer any questions you may have on social sales, social media and digital marketing. Feel free to send them through on my Contact Form.