How to Have A Successful Personal Brand Online

Personal online branding is more than just signing up for a Twitter account or making a few updates to your LinkedIn page. It’s about standing out from the crowd and creating a presence that reflects your strengths and your commitment to your customers. You are your business, and to put your business at the top, you need to set yourself apart with personal brand management.

Having a successful personal online brand will build your reputation on the web and draw clients to you, instead of cold-calling or missing out on prospect opportunities. Your online brand also supports client relationships that you’ve built offline as well.

Your personal online branding should start with a comprehensive marketing plan that includes a website, social media pages, logo, or blog that reflect the unique strengths you bring as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Your personal branding should cultivate an image of success and create value for your products or services.

It’s very likely that prospective clients will research you and your competition online before doing business. Without a thorough online branding strategy, you miss the opportunity to show clients your professionalism and marketing awareness.

So start brainstorming about what sets you apart from your competitors. Imagine how many more customers you could reach by being active on several social media platforms. Get motivated by entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary of ABC’s Shark Tank that “whatever you pay attention to grows.” Think like a CEO and get serious about your professional goals.

My digital marketing manual, How to Brand Yourself Online Like a CEO, is the only way to start building your powerful online brand. To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact me.