SEO – Is it difficult and does your company need an SEO Consultant?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just the name given to an activity that strives to improve search engine rankings of a website.  Search engines are sites such as Google, Bing, AskJeeves and other similar sites that assign a website rankings based primarily on its relevance and authority. Authority is often measured by the number and quality of links to other websites. More and more people today are using search engines constantly for both work and personal use to help them in business and leisure activities. It is clear that a business that wants to grow its target market wants its website to rank high, as most people never go past the first page of search rankings.

However, search engines are constantly changing and modifying their algorithms as I described in a previous post –, so your website must constantly be updated as well. For example, in the past the more backlinks your website had the better for its ranking. Companies tried to take advantage of that and paid for backlinks which Google and other search engines saw as subverting their rankings. They penalized for paid backlinks and many companies are still trying to rebuild their rankings from those penalties. In 2015 the key to focus on for trusted and qualified links is:

  • Qualified Online Directories
  • Real Online PR efforts
  • Credible online media sources
  • Influential Bloggers in industry
  • Appropriate Social Signals

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It is clear that SEO is much more complex than it was at first and, due to the growing use of search engines by both businesses and people to locate and research the products and services they desire, it is even more important to get it right. What about the social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Do businesses and people use those sites for search and do they help in SEO? Yes, they do and you need to know more about how to leverage those sites to help yourself. This is when a qualified SEO professional can come in handy.

What it comes down to is that your company needs a proven SEO Consultant in order to improve your rankings and expand your customer base. Where do you find one you can trust that has the training, experience, and international reputation you need? One that can help you online, face-to-face, or using something like Skype to provide real-time consulting from a distance? If you use a search engine and type in SEO trainer, there are many to choose from and they all claim they are the one – how do you know which one?
Of course, you read all about my deep experience in the world of SEO all over this site, as an author on and, but the fastest way is to test my SEO knowledge. I dare you to use my Free phone consult form and ask me your toughest SEO challenge question.