Powerful Personal Brand Story : Rachel Braun Scherl Video Interview

Watch episode #1 of my Personal Branding Youtube series of powerful business leaders who take ownership of their Online Brands.

This week, I interview Rachel Braun Scherl, Global speaker on Entreprenuership and Managing Partner at Spark Solutions for Growth.

As a part of my new Youtube series on powerful personal brands, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Braun Scherl, Managing Partner at SPARK Solutions for Growth, specialty consulting firm with a focus on growth strategy. As a senior level brand marketing consultant, Rachel helps enterprise level consumer brands such as American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Centrum, Botox, Dannon, Splenda and many more roll out new products and services that achieve sustained profitability.

As an entrepreneur who has proven her expertise in business building in challenging product categories such as Female Sexual Health, Rachel shares her wisdom and stories on how she took brands from nothing to multi-million dollar companies with audiences globally.

Rachel Braun Scherl is a sought-after speaker on Entrepreneurship, Women’s Leadership and Business Growth. I chatted with Rachel via video to learn about her background, her corporate and entreprenuerial experiences and how she has built successful businesses, products and services time and again.

Watch Rachel as she shares her growth strategy magic in an engaging story telling format. As a bonus for watching, for anyone that can find and tell me who the secret Personal Branding Celebrity who pops into our video is via e-mail ,will get a Free copy of my Pre-personal branding checklist.

Enjoy this wonderful video where you will learn immediate secrets to entrepreneurial success from Rachel Braun Scherl.