8 LinkedIn Sales Features You need for #Social #Selling

2016 is the year for #Social #Selling. LinkedIn makes it easy for any B2B Sales Pro. Read about the 8 LinkedIn Sales features that can get you selling now.

Every day it seems, LinkedIn makes some kind of functional change or company acquisition that affects the LinkedIn member or user experience. Instead of complaining about these changes, as I hear many business people do, take advantage of them to improve your social sales efforts. I will review 8 items you may not be aware of that are initial basics of LinkedIn Sales.

1. With a LinkedIn Premium Subscription, you can add a compelling, unique and engaging background header image to your profile. This helps your profile stand out when people are searching for your type of profession and aids in engagement i.e. Inmail.

2. On your LinkedIn Profile, you can include multi-media including videos and presentations from Slideshare.net (a LinkedIn company and product), YouTube or via a direct upload in your Summary , Experience

3. You have an easy way to nurture prospect relationships right in the Connections tab. LinkedIn provides daily notices of any changes within your 1st Further, it offers suggestions of people who you have known to connect with on LinkedIn. These could be old prospects or people who may become your best referral partners. By giving you indications of 1st network birthdays, job anniversaries, job changes and so on, you are prompted to immediately interact. LinkedIn is all about networking. Make it work for you by tapping into your connections tab every single morning. They make it so easy that you will notice a box on the right side of your homepage to like and support these people changes.

4. By aligning your Sales Target List with the Follow feature on the LinkedIn Company Pages, you can follow specific companies you want to do business with and identify, in feed, ways to support them, nurture them and create relationships. Further, within those pages, you will identify decision makers, employees of the prospect company you may know or have someone who knows them for a warm introduction.

5. Groups are your best sales tool. By identifying and properly engaging in targeted LinkedIn groups, you can create positive relationships with peers, influencers, investors, vendors, partners and qualified prospects. LinkedIn allows you to join Open groups to engage quickly and understand the importance of that group. You can also follow members and react in stream to their content, directly message members of a shared group and more. In general, a smart mix of industry-specific closed groups or subgroups and high reach Open Groups is best practices. This is a very quick overview of Groups for LinkedIn sales, but gives you an idea of the importance of making time and a commitment to utilizing the Group feature on LinkedIn.

6. Pulse is where news happens and where you can engage with Influencers. Pulse is a LinkedIn owned media product and where stories are told from Influencers, leading news media and you the LinkedIn member (if you are featured in a certain category). By reading the top news in Pulse in your industry and target industries each day you have opportunities to like, comment and share. Most importantly, you have opportunities to learn. Learning , listening and then sharing commentary based on sound facts makes you a smart social salesperson.

7. LinkedIn provides even basic members with great search functionalities. You can use the Advanced LinkedIn Search tool to identify users by name, title, industry, company, school, location, Groups, Years of Experience and many other criteria. LinkedIn makes it easy for any business user to ID someone if they are also a LinkedIn member.

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great premium subscription tool for sales teams. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you have even more search functionalities and ways to immediately message and interact with 2nd, 3rd level contacts as well as those well outside of your network. You can save lead searches, group prospects, get alerts on prospect and company moves and much more. This tool replaces and amps up LinkedIn’s initial Lead Builder. What is great is the ability to target prospect companies, save them as accounts and then get suggested intros from LinkedIn within those companies. The tool acts like a real mini-CRM. Again, this is a simple review of it, but should give you an idea of the power of Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn is my #1 choice for B2B Selling. I have summarized here a quick overview of 8 features you can use immediately to beef up your LinkedIn selling programs. I encourage you to Follow me on LinkedIn.. I offer individuals LinkedIn Profile and Sales support as well as LinkedIn Marketing Programs for B2B corporations.