How to Give Your Content Marketing Program A.I.R.

Content Marketing Rules for Engagement in 2016

3 Easy Steps to Drive Real Content Engagement in 2016. Read How to Make Your Content Marketing Come Alive in 2016 by implementing quality.


Content Marketing Rules

Content Marketing has been always been a main pillar in the world of Internet Marketing. First, we, as website architects, used to look at how content can develop an on-site community. Then we, as social media strategists, figured how blog based content would become the cornerstone of Social Media. Now, we as SEO professionals and Online Branding specialists, understand that content production and distribution is available to everyone. A recent Entrepreneur writer on SEO and the quality of content had this to say in his article, Because Google will tangibly reward sites for producing good content, and its importance in 2016 will continue to grow. Content that has multiple links and shares will achieve higher SEO ranks, thus further incentivizing writers to put much more work into crafting quality content


Yes, I have been in Internet Marketing a very long time and content and its usefulness and types of applications have changed and grown overtime. This is why it is critical for marketers to have a refreshed Content Marketing Strategy every year. In 2016, it is about making content breathe a fresh breathe of A.I.R. Authentic content with rich and relevant Information which has excellent Readability.


  1. Authenticity – Leave jargon, buzzwords, and overused clichés behind this year. If your brand hasn’t crafted an authentic persona that resonates with your audience in 2015, do it now. This can be brand related, which will require some real brand discovery work or humanized from the individual or team out. Many smaller organizations can take advantage of personal branding online by creating a powerful spokesperson within the organization that leads the social brand.  Long gone are the days where brands can, more or less, hide behind vague and emotionless language that doesn’t communicate anything worthwhile to site visitors and social followers. The power of social media and online communities has broken down that language barrier, leaving brands with no choice but to not only be transparent, but also to define and own unique brand identity.


  1. Information – Along the same vein of being authentic, internet writers and marketers must refrain from padding content with fluff, and provide real, supported information. 2016 content rules will force writers to be lean, mean, content writing machines. This means providing readers with worthwhile information, regardless of any kind of content restrictions. Not only will content producers need to follow standard content writing guidelines; but they will also need to provide well-researched information and advice.


  1. Readability – You cannot overload a page with information nor can you skate by with fragments and loose sentences. In order for readers to make the most out of your content, it must be segmented into digestible pieces. Use whatever technique is at your disposal so that your content will not only be easy to read, but easy to understand. Formatting and images will be your best friends as you dress up your content as an attention-grabbing piece. You want your content to look and read so incredibly well, your readers will share it with others.  Simple tips include the use of headers and sub-headers, proper intro, body, conclusion, use of bullets where appropriate, use of bold where appropriate, and of course high-quality and engaging imagery to support any content writing piece.


Take in a nice breath of fresh AIR content marketers as you include these three vital content marketing principles into your repertoire for the New Year. If you are in need of any online branding strategy or content marketing strategy help, schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with me now using my online calendar. Here’s to better content that is authentic, informative, and readable!