The 6 #Social #Media #Marketing Articles You May Have Missed

In case you missed it, in January I published 6 essential Social Selling and Social Branding articles as a part of my ongoing effort to educate business owners , executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs on how to do Social Media Marketing better.


Read the recap of my 6 social media marketing articles with all the social selling tips you need for 2016:

1) LinkedIn Updates & Enhancements from 2015

LinkedIn has undergone major changes to improve their platform. From acquiring more companies to expand their disciplines to introducing new products, LinkedIn had a trans-formative year in 2015.  In this article, I detailed all of the major changes that LinkedIn underwent.


2) The 5 Worst Social Media Customer Service Approaches

For my first article published on Social Media Today, I outlined the absolute WORST ways a business could interact with their customers from a customer service perspective. I also went into detail on how a business could provide stellar customer service through social media, read more by clicking here.


3) Brands Drive Engagement on Snapchat, Pinterest, & Instagram

In order for any brand to excel in their social media marketing efforts, they must embrace visual media. After all, a picture is worth one thousand words. In the latest article I wrote for ClickZ, I go into detail on how brands used these visual-centric social media platforms to achieve success.


4) Facebook Advertising Hacks for SMBs

Facebook is the largest social network, thus making their audience incredibly valuable for SMBs to reach. In the second article I wrote for Social Media Today, I give four quick hacks on how SMBs can make the most of their Facebook advertising efforts.


5) 3 Tenets of Content Marketing

Content will not be dethroned as king any time soon. I cannot stress how important your content creation and marketing efforts are in the long run to increase your branding efforts and sales. In my latest blog post, I go over the 3 most important tenets of creating quality content that work for you.


6) Answers to 5 Burning Questions on Social Media

I was recently asked these five questions at a conference I spoke at about the state of social media in 2016. From Facebook content strategy to building a following and using influencers, I go over these hot-button topics in this post I wrote for MENG.


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