What Every Digital Marketing Director Needs to Know

Building a career in Digital Marketing? Looking to stay on top of your game as a Senior level Director of Digital Marketing? Well there is a lot you need to know and do..to stay relevant. Read on:


In a Digital Era and now a Social era and Mobile era, anyone who chooses to become successful in the field of Digital Marketing needs to stay relevant all the time. Believe me , I know. I train companies on all facets of Digital Marketing Strategy and feel it is my job to educate myself as much as it is to educate others. So when the good folks at the Ladders.com asked me for my additional insight on their awesome Marketing Info graphic, “8 Essential Tips for Marketers to Break In and Stay Relevant,” I felt I had to not just give my 2 Marketing cents, but also share it with you.

The Marketing Infographic tells the changing story of marketing from TV ad buys (my old career at Young & Rubicam) to Direct Mail Campaigns (oh my experience at the Direct Marketing Association back in the day) to this daily explosion of reverse marketing, messaging overload and the always moving target. The Ladders.com pulled together feedback from some top marketers on their advice on the best books and sites aspirational marketers can use to stay relevant. I agree with the likes displayed such as Moz.com, Marketingland.com and so on, but would definetly add on places where I contribute as an Internet Marketing Industry Speaker, such as  ClickZ.com,  The Online Marketing Institute,  Social Media Today The Marketing Executive Networking GroupBusiness2Community.com

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See the Ladders.com Marketing Info graphic here:

Marketing Infographic