SEO & Social Signaling – Learn How to Gain Online Brand Visibility – April 7th

SEO & Social Signaling: A Special MENGINAR

Digital Marketing as a practice has changed dramatically in the last 15 years. As a Senior-level Marketer, you need to be up to date with where it is today and where it is heading to support your companies and clients who utilize this Marketing program to drive business. The one activity that has not changed in these 15 years (in Internet Marketing) is that the behavior of the general Internet user to Search for information is critical. In fact, Search is the leading activity not only in the major search engines, but on websites, social networks and now mobile phones. However, SEO ranking factors have changed dramatically, including the importance of Social Signalling.

For companies that want to drive more business using Internet Marketing, investing in proper Search Marketing is mandatory. But Search Marketing, as a tactic and practice of Digital Marketing has changed alongside of the explosion of e-commerce sites, social networks and general Internet usage. Important factors that support Organic Search (SEO) now include such Marketing activities as Social Media Marketing, Social Branding, Online PR and Authentic Content Marketing.


On April 7th, Jasmine Sandler, a Global Digital Marketing Strategist and Trainer with over 15 years of experience in the industry, will share her knowledge and client experience from past to present in SEO and Social Media Marketing. Jasmine will teach marketers and c-level executives what elements comprise total online branding visibility and engagement. She will walk attendees through;

  • The Top Factors Affecting Organic Search Optimization today
  • Content Marketing – What is Best Practices and How to Create and Manage a Content Calendar
  • Social Signaling – What It Is , How it is Calculated and How You Can Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy that supports social-search signals

As online visibility crosses into Social Media activity, Jasmine will share the benefits of building and growing an engaging Social Brand. Further, she will review the importance, division, and intersection between Social Branding and Social Selling. Finally, Jasmine will explain how you can drive leads and nurture client relationships in Social channels from the development of a Successful Social Brand.

Jasmine will answer such questions as:

  • What is Social Selling?
  • How Do We Plan for Content Marketing?
  • How Do We Measure Content Marketing Effectiveness?
  • What are the Best Social Media Management Tools and Why?
  • How Do We Drive Organic Online Visibility in a Crowded Marketplace?And much more.

Information on Registration of The Social Signalling and SEO Webinar

Please join us on April 7th. Registration is open to MENG members & Non-members.  If you are looking to up your online brand visibility game, Click here to register.