My Small Business Story #ProFinderContest

The Business Story of Jasmine Sandler and Agent-cy: LinkedIn #Profinder Contest


When I stumbled across the $5.000 Cash prize small business story content on LinkedIn via ProFinder, well I couldn’t resist for every reason having to do with my B2B Digital Marketing agency, consulting firm and training  business  – AGENT-CY ONLINE MARKETING, INC. and my focus and passion of LinkedIn as the best Personal Branding tool.

I have had my business for exactly 10 years. I started Agent-cy Online Marketing at that time as a solution for SMB B2B companies to leverage the web to drive brand awareness, community development and online lead generation through effective SEO-Social-PR tactics. Since then, I have reshaped the agency time and again and created a DBA, where you are reading now on my personally branded website. Jasmine Sandler Digital Marketing Consulting & Training was formed to provide consulting and corporate training services for clients that want to DIY their own Digital Marketing programs. Moreover, since that time I have put in thousands of hours becoming a keynote speaker and presenter on all subjects Social Branding, SEO and Social Selling. My background – IBM Global Services Sales Director and Y&R Media Buyer plus a Dual MBA in Marketing and CIS and a former action sports social network owner – led me to where I am today. So what do my current businesses do to impact my life, the people around me and my clients?

Being an entrepreneur and running a business affects every facet of my personal life – from time spent on hobbies, with those I love to money I don’t spend on myself and the sacrifices I make along the journey to success. More importantly, because you have heard that all before – it has impacted how I have to constantly change and test my own visions and interests, assess my own talents and those around me. This is why my flagship product , if you will, is my Personal Branding and related coaching and related digital marketing execution services, is my passion in what I do when I speak to big audiences of Entrepreneurs and small groups of CEO’s and other business leaders. I have been through my own pains. challenges and rewards of Personal Branding or Social Branding and deliver the goods to others now to help impact their lives, including their business results and career development. In what I do and my business does, but specifically what I do as a speaker, especially for Female Entrepreneurial audiences around Social Branding I have personally witnessed inspiration and growth because of something I said touched someone. This really excites me. In fact, right now I am in the midst of a Podcast series #theartofbusinessrelationships with a female alliance to help men and women work together better and the same for women and women. To get it started, we record a long clip which I shared in my recent long-form LinkedIn post, What the Election Means for Relationships on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a major component of my business on many levels. I am a huge advocate of the tool and of Profinder. I help any business professional , executive and college student understand why I think LinkedIn is the #1 career development tool online. I have written thousands of papers and books on LinkedIn Selling and Branding and have taught and helped others use the tool with big results – from new sales to new jobs to new board positions to media placement, you name it, all under the work I do as a speaker and trainer on Social Selling and Social Branding. I have tested the waters with #Profinder as well and am equally a major advocate. Read my article I wrote on it after interviewing a #Profinder engineer. Read this to see what my 3K+ LinkedIn followers read on #Profinder – LinkedIn Profinder is a Game Changer

Trying to keep within a short word count it is impossible to tell you every way that LinkedIn and Profinder can maximize my business, so I will keep it short:

  • Using LinkedIn’s advanced search tools and Sales Navigator, I can stay on top of moves at target companies, anticipating their needs
  • By understanding what service demands are going on, I can adjust my skills on LinkedIn and in  my Profinder profile to meet those demands
  • By committing to LinkedIn daily sales efforts I will check in with potential Profinder leads the minute they are announced
  • With a powerful , engaging, current LinkedIn Profile I can ensure that Profinder prospects will think about hiring me

For my readers that aren’t familiar with #Profinder, simply head over to LinkedIn Profinder Home